FAQ Review - Can I include a Sign-up Form on my Website?

FAQ Review - Can I include a Sign-up Form on my Website?

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At SimplyCast we have one of the best customer care teams in the industry and they do a great job of answering all of your questions on a daily basis. To help them out and allow them a chance to have lunch and sleep at night, we also have a powerful Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ) that holds over 400 of the most asked questions from you. From time-to-time, we want to highlight a common issue users have when using SimplyCast's interactive marketing service while highlighting the strengths of the FAQ.

This week's question is:

Can we include a sign-up form on our website for our clients/users to sign-up to our mailing list/newsletter/etc?


Yes. Whenever you create or upload a new list, the system automatically generates a sign-up form for you to use. To get the sign-up form code, go to the Contact Lists menu and click on the View and Edit Lists link. This will access the list manager where you can click on the name of the mailing list you wish to have subscribers added to. Once the list is selected, click on the Web Form tab to get the sign-up form code. Alternatively, you can also access this information through the Generate menu by choosing Forms. Select the fields you wish to include as part of the form and copy and paste this code onto your website so users can sign up to your list. Please note that that the form is a closed-loop opt-in form, which means that in order for the address to be added to your list, the recipient must reply to an email that is sent to them confirming that they wish to be added to your list. Once the person replies to the confirmation email, they are added to your list. This is done to ensure that only legitimate sign-ups are added to your mailing list through the web form.

For more common questions and answers regarding SimplyCast's interactive marketing service, please visit the FAQ page or email our Customer Care Team today.

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