FAQs About the SimplyCast Agent Program

FAQs About the SimplyCast Agent Program

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SimplyCast Agent Program

As you may already know, SimplyCast officially launched its Agent Program earlier this week. The SimplyCast Agent Program allows individuals and companies alike to promote SimplyCast-branded products to their clients and earn commission on sales closed. We thought you might have a few questions about this program and wanted to address them today!

I've never used SimplyCast before. Can I still become an Agent?

Absolutely! If you're not familiar with the SimplyCast platform, don't worry; part of becoming a SimplyCast agent is that you'll take our online training program, and become officially SimplyCast-certified! The certification will walk you through each SimplyCast tool so you'll become an expert on the entire platform. You'll also have full access to training materials and the SimplyCast team to help you get familiarized with the system.

What's the difference between Agents and White Label Resellers?

Excellent question! The major difference between the two is that White Label Resellers sell the SimplyCast platform under their own branding, while Agents sell SimplyCast-branded products. Furthermore, resellers are fully responsible for closing sales, onboarding, training, customer support, and account management for their own clients—but if you're an agent, you don't need to worry about any of that! All you have to do is pique your client's interest and get them in touch with a SimplyCast sales representative, and we take care of the rest.

Finally, the White Label Reseller Program is primarily geared toward larger companies with established client bases, while the Agent Program welcomes smaller businesses as well as individuals. Because SimplyCast handles the onboarding and support processes for agents, the role is much more manageable for individuals or smaller businesses with limited resources and allows them to focus on their marketing and client outreach strategies.

Is there a cost to become a SimplyCast Agent?

Yes. Please contact us directly at agent@simplycast.com for pricing information.

I work full-time elsewhere. Can I still become a SimplyCast Agent?

Yes! The beauty of our program is that your only responsibility, as an Agent, is to get leads interested in our products. Once you direct them to the sales team, we take care of the rest and your job is done! This makes the program really flexible for full-time workers like yourself since you don't need to spend time actually closing the sale, customer service or account management.

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