How Fitness Facilities Use Social Media for Promotion

How Fitness Facilities Use Social Media for Promotion

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Everyone is on social media these days. While your clients aren't at the gym, chances are they're connected to social media somehow, whether it be on their phones or laptops. Use social media as a tool to keep clients engaged even when they're not working out. Automating your social media posts makes it easy for you to maintain an online presence and communicate with clients.

Post Motivating Videos and Stories

Use your social media pages to encourage and motivate your clients and new leads. A motivational video or story is a great way for clients to relate to your facility and see that you truly care about their goals and well-being.

Make this process easier by using the social media apps to schedule posts in advance. By spending just a few minutes creating and scheduling posts, you have a social media presence that does not need constant maintenance but still engages your audience.

Promote Special Events

So, you have a special trainer coming in from the next city over to offer a one-off class. Make sure your clients know by creating a social media campaign. You can schedule posts to repeat for the weeks leading up to the class and end when the event is over. Scheduling just takes a few minutes to do and it informs and engages your audience.

Offer Exclusive Promotions

Make your clients feel like VIPs by offering exclusive social media promotions. Everyone likes to cash in on an exclusive deal so make this accessible to your clients. Automate social media campaigns to post promotions for a specified period of time and sit back while clients return to your page and come in to your facility to cash in on the deal.

Offering promotions on social media is also a good way to get new leads to visit your gym. New leads are more likely to visit your facility if they get a good deal to try one of your classes.

Celebrate Clients Reaching Their Goals

Reward your clients on social media for reaching goals they've set for themselves. Has Suzy lost her first 5 pounds? Can Greg run 10 miles? Does Steve now bench 75 pounds? Send shout-outs to your clients that have achieved fitness milestones (always with their permission, of course). These shout-outs show potential clients that your fitness facility gets results and puts a face to your clientele.

Ready to make the most of your social media accounts? Check out our Facebook app for more information.

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