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Facebook Marketing Software

Generate more leads from Facebook

Maintain a strong social media presence and engage new leads efficiently while saving time with Facebook automation.

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Marketing on Facebook Made Easy

As one of the trending social media channels, Facebook can reach millions of potential customers. You can share stories, pictures, and videos, run special promotions and contests, and keep your company page up to date with automated daily posting. Automating and streamlining your Facebook marketing can get you a consistent stream of high-quality leads.

With SimplyCast’s Facebook application, you can automate Facebook posts on your page and manage your overall audience easily. Target specific group of followers to build greater engagement, interaction, and loyalty.

It is easy and convenient to use. You do not need any hardware or coding knowledge to use our software. Save time and look professional with Facebook automation software.

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Facebook Marketing Software

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Infinite Possibilities

The SimplyCast Facebook marketing software application allows for users to plan, automate, and schedule posts to specific pages that can include photos, links, text, and more. It also allows you to plan your Facebook presence in order to save time while still engaging with your followers.

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