Flashback Friday: Why You Should Use Event Exit Surveys

Flashback Friday: Why You Should Use Event Exit Surveys

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Event Exit Surveys

This week in our Flashback Friday series we will take a look at a post we made in November of 2011. This post is called Survey 101: Sample Event Exit Survey and it provides a number of sample questions that you can ask as part of an exit survey.

As an update to this post, we will expand on the concept of event exit surveys and why they are beneficial to your business's event planning.

Easily learn how successful your event was

After your event has finished and all of your guests have returned home, exit surveys are a great way to follow up with attendees to see what their reactions were. Essentially, an exit survey is a survey that is sent out following any type of interaction with your company, whether it is a meeting, dinner, party, or interview, used to check in with those who were in attendance to keep you in the forefront of their minds.

When sending an exit survey, it is best to send it fairly soon after an event so that the attendees still have everything that happened fresh in their minds, therefore helping them give you a more accurate representation of their opinion. If you wait too long to send the survey, the high will have worn off, resulting in average responses rather than rave reviews.

Determine aspects of your event that may need to be improved

Exit surveys can also let you know how you can improve your next event by breaking down the responses in an easy-to-read report. For example, if you asked your guests what part of the event they enjoyed the most/least, the report will break down the survey question by question letting you see all the answers given for that specific question in one place.

This lets you easily analyze which parts of the event your guests found lacking which in turn helps you plan your next event.

Use the survey to leverage the best promotion method for future events

Say that one of the questions you asked in your event exit survey was how guests heard about your event. You provided them with several options to choose from, such as through an email newsletter or via social media.

Once you have received your survey responses and have taken a look at the report breakdown for that question, you notice that 60 percent of those who responded said that they heard about the event through social media. Now you know exactly where you should be focusing your marketing and promotional efforts for your next event!

It's that easy!

Want to create your own exit survey?

Using a marketing automation platform such as SimplyCast 360 allows you to create surveys with multiple choice, open-ended, and check all that apply options. The platform also allows you to schedule the survey to send automatically following the event so that you can focus on any other post-event wrap-up items that need to be completed.

To reap the benefits an exit survey can provide during your next event, sign up for a 14-day free trial of the SimplyCast 360 platform!

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