Survey 101: Event Survey Sample Questions

Survey 101: Event Survey Sample Questions

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Event Survey Sample Questions

Looking for event survey sample questions? You came to the right blog.

You see, event surveys aren't just for non-profit or charity organizations, contrary to popular belief. This valuable tool allows you to fully understand how successful your latest event (dinner, fundraiser, conference, awards ceremony, fête, or sales event) is, regardless of lip service.

Not only will you gain insight to your attendees, but you will also learn who is new to your event and whether or not you captured their interest. You'll also learn what parts of your event were considered worthwhile and what parts may need improvement.

Furthermore, with any new attendee, you'll learn why they chose to come to you event and how they learned about it. It will demonstrate which event promotional method is working and drawing in the most "newbies." Need a little help getting started? We've created a sample event survey below for you to try out.

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Try These Event Survey Sample Questions

1. Is this your first time at our event?

2. Did you attend with anyone?

• Spouse / Partner / Significant other

• Family member

• Colleague

• Friend

• No, I attended alone

3. How satisfied were you with our event?

• Very satisfied

• Somewhat satisfied

• Neutral

• Somewhat dissatisfied

• Very dissatisfied

4. Would you return to another of our events?

• Yes

• Maybe

• No

5. Would you recommend our events?

• Yes

• Maybe

• No

6. Which activity did you most enjoy?

7. Which activity did you least enjoy?

8. Are you a member of our organization?

9. If you're not a member, are you considering joining after the event?

10. How did you hear about our event?

• Our website

• Mailed invitation

• Emailed invitation

• Friend / Colleague

• Radio

• Television

• Internet banner ads

• Another website

• Internet search

• Other

11. When did you RSVP to our event?

• At the event

• This week

• Within 1 – 3 weeks

• Within 4 – 6 weeks

• When the event was announced

• Other

Want to Put These Event Survey Sample Questions Into Action?

What you need is an online form and survey builder to help you start collecting valuable post-event information today. Have a few questions? Interested in having event, sales, or nonprofit survey templates designed? Call our sales team at 1-866-323-6572 ext. 1 or email

As well, don't hesitate to sign up for a demo of SimplyCast's online form tool by clicking the button below!

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