Get Sales & Marketing Teams to Work Together Effectively

Get Sales & Marketing Teams to Work Together Effectively

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Sales & Marketing Teams

Sales and marketing are both as essential to your business as your actual products and services. Your marketing team helps bring in qualified leads and your sales team closes as many of these leads as possible. Everyone is working toward the same goal, but the communication process is often complicated between sales and marketing.

Marketing automation connects sales and marketing teams and enables them to work together more efficiently. Let's look at how an automated marketing solution speeds up the sales process and gives complete control to your staff.

Personalized Campaigns Shorten the Sales Cycle

Personally targeted messages are infinitely more effective for connecting with leads and customers than mass messages. More people will open messages that are personally relevant to them, and more people will convert based on those messages.

Marketing automation keeps track of all contacts' behaviors, activities, special dates and other personal data. Personal profiles are constantly being updated automatically as new information is collected and as the contact takes actions.

Campaigns are automatically personalized based on all this collected personal data. Your marketing and sales teams can set up automated lead nurturing processes, then manually contact the lead when the time is right. Staff have control over how messages and campaigns go out, and the process is easily editable at any time.

Customizable Sales Funnels Keep Everything Organized and On Track

With an automated solution, you can create sales funnels, also called pipelines. Pipelines keep all your leads, prospects and other contacts organized so you can easily identify hot leads who are likely to close. Rate, score and move leads through your pipelines both automatically and manually.

Your reports show you exactly where each contact is in your pipeline, and it allows you to track each contact in detail. This helps your marketing team see which nurturing processes are working and where processes should be changed or optimized.

Sales pipelines also help your sales team know precisely when to make contact with a lead. Your team can move leads to a further stage based on manual contact they have had. For example, if a lead in is an early stage but one of your salespeople has had a very engaging phone conversation with the lead and they believe the lead is hot, they can move them to a later pipeline stage. This keeps the process personal and gives your team ultimate control.

Multi-User Accounts Give You Complete Control

No more arguing over who is in charge of what leads. Multi-user accounts enable each staff member to have their own login with a specific account of permissions. The main account holder sets the permissions for other users. You can restrict which staff members have access to certain campaigns, certain communication channels, certain contacts and leads and more.

Try Marketing Automation for Free

Sales teams and marketing teams have their own often overlapping important responsibilities. If you're not sure how marketing automation would work for your business, try it for free. Sign up for a free trial of SimplyCast 360 today.

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