Getting Started with Call Marketing Automation

Getting Started with Call Marketing Automation

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Call Marketing Automation

Voice campaigns are a great tool to use, especially if you know that your clients or subscribers have no internet connection. Your company can use voice automation in many ways, such as reminding clients about appointments or letting them know about a new product that's available. With the SimplyCast platform, you can create a call marketing automation campaign utilizing the voice broadcasting functionality without even touching a phone.

Contact lists

So, to get started with the creation of your first voice campaign you first need to gather your list of contacts. To do so, there are a couple of ways you can go about it.

The easiest way to develop contacts is to add a signup form to your website, which will allow visitors to your site to opt in to receive communications from your company. Once someone enters their contact information into the form, the information is automatically added to SimplyCast's CRM for further use.

You can also use a paper form to collect phone numbers and manually enter contact information into the CRM if internet is an issue for your clients.

If you already have a list of clients you wish to import to SimplyCast's CRM, you can upload them into the system easily from a spreadsheet.

Creating your call marketing automation campaign

Once you have your contacts, you need to create your voice campaign. First, choose whether you would like to upload an audio file to use as your message, or choose the handy text-to-speech function that's available.

When uploading a file, the voice tool supports WAV, MP3, and Ogg files. Text-to-speech allows you to type out the message you would like to send in the campaign and the system will generate an automated voice for the call.

You can also customize the unsubscribe message. It is very important that since you are using automated calls that you comply with legal standards, which require there be a way for subscribers to stop receiving the communications.

Finishing touches

Once you have finished inputting your message to your satisfaction, choose which contact list you would like to send your voice message to, determine the time you would like to send your message, as well as how many times you would like it to attempt to send.

Before sending your message out to all the contacts in your list, you should first send a test call to yourself to hear how the message sounds and whether you need to make any changes.

To test the message, click the Test button and select the phone number to send the test call to. This should trigger the campaign and you should promptly receive the call. You will need to say Hello in order for the message to play as it is voice-triggered.

Once the test call is complete, you are now ready to choose the list of contacts to whom you wish to send your message and send the campaign.

If you have any questions about your call marketing automation campaign, feel free to contact our customer care team or take a look at our FAQs.

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