How to Engage Leads with an SMS Campaign

How to Engage Leads with an SMS Campaign

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SMS Campaign

The measure of an effective SMS campaign is how engaged your leads and customers are. Do you have people coming in to redeem offers? Is your SMS subscriber list growing? If the answer to both of these is "yes," then you're on the right track to having an engaging SMS campaign. If you answered "no," there might be a bit of tweaking to do to your campaign.

Either way, whether your SMS campaign is engaging or needs some work, there's always room for some improvement to ensure you are delivering value to your contacts. Here are four tips sure to help engage leads through an SMS campaign.

Create a reason to sign up

To start off, you need to have a reason why contacts would want to join your SMS campaign in the first place. Do you offer a welcome gift (discount, ebook, etc.)? A welcome/thank you gift is a great incentive for leads to not only sign up, but also become customers.

Add value

Once you have contacts signed up to your SMS campaign, you need to create value in order to keep them. This could be through flash sale coupons, exclusive offers, or providing two-way communication. With SMS, your contacts can connect with you and you can send back auto-responses depending on what they ask.

Reward customer loyalty

In order to build customer retention and identify who your most engaged customers/contacts are, use SMS to reward your loyal customers. Has someone redeemed a few of your SMS coupons? Send them a special "thank you." This makes the contact feel valued and increases the likelihood that they will purchase from you again in the future.

Respect contacts' privacy

Sending someone an SMS message is a very personal and immediate form of communication. In order to keep your contacts happy with your SMS campaign, be sure you are compliant with your sending. Apart from that, common sense is also important. Don't send too many messages or send at improper times. If contacts begin to get annoyed with your sending, they will unsubscribe.

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