How to Make Email Marketing Templates

How to Make Email Marketing Templates

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How to Make Email Marketing Templates

Email marketing templates are an amazing tool for email marketers to use when creating their email marketing content, as this can help save hours of time and effort.

Clients around the world have been taking advantage of SimplyCast’s library of pre-built email marketing templates for years, and today we are going to be showing you some tips and tricks on how you can maximize your email marketing efforts by making your own email marketing templates. While many email solutions offer the ability to create templates of email marketing campaigns, for our example we will be using the SimplyCast’s email marketing solution - as you require no coding knowledge to use its many features, unlike some of those other email marketing solutions.

Here’s how make an email marketing template using SimplyCast:  

1. Log into your SimplyCast account

To sign into your SimplyCast account, all you need to do is head over to the SimplyCast sign-in page located at the top right of the SimplyCast homepage.

It also doesn't matter what device you are on as the SimplyCast platform is accessible on any device.

2. Navigate to the Email dashboard

Once you have successfully logged into your SimplyCast account, you can navigate to the Email dashboard by clicking the Applications dropdown menu located at the top left of your screen and then find the Email application located under the Communication column.

3. Create a New Campaign

When you have arrived on the Email dashboard, click the green “Create Campaign” button. After this, you will be prompted to name your new campaign in a pop-up window that appears.

4. Build Your Own

After you have given your campaign a name, you will be directed to the Template Selection page. Here you are given three options, you can either go through our rich collection of pre-built templates and pick one that suits your needs;  you can choose to build your own campaign from scratch, which lets you create your email campaign from a blank layout;  or choose from any of your previously-saved templates (once you have created your custom template and save it, your templates will be available in this section).

Since we want to create our very own email marketing template, we will want to select the “Build Your Own” option on this page, after which we can select the layout we would like to use. Below we can see an image of the Template Selection screen for reference.

Choose a layout

Once you have selected your preferred email layout, you will be directed to the Email Editor. This is going to be your sandbox, where you can customize your email according to your liking, as well as preview and test the email.

After you have finished designing your email campaign template, click the green Create Template button located on the right-hand side of your screen. Here is an image for reference.

Email editor

Once you click the button and provide the information requested in the window that appears (such as a name, a description, and any tags), the design will be saved and you will be able to select it from the Saved Templates section when creating a new email marketing campaign.

And there you have it. That was the last step towards making your own email marketing template. Fairly simple, right?

Need more information?

Do you have any more questions about SimplyCast’s email marketing solution and how to make email marketing templates? Check out this blog on email template design and click the button below to request a demo of the email solution. A member of our team will be more than happy to help you on your way to creating your email marketing templates!

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