How to Market Software for a Small Business

How to Market Software for a Small Business

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Market Software for a Small Business

Creating your own unique new software is exciting. You have built amazing tools, but now you need customers to buy them. How can a small business with a small staff on a small budget reach out to customers and effectively promote its software?

How to market software depends, of course, on your business and your unique product. No matter what you're promoting, however, marketing automation helps you connect with new leads and build loyalty among your customers.

Marketing automation enables you to send personalized marketing campaigns to each one of your contacts. An all-in-one marketing automation solution also manages your social media pages to engage visitors, sends out automated surveys to gather feedback, manages your contacts and nurtures your leads, tracks interaction with your messages and much more.

How to Market Software Through Social Media

With social media marketing, you need to engage visitors quickly. You also need to create content that is sharable so it will be spread to a wider audience. Share images and videos of your software at work, positive customer testimonials, links to your website and more. Create messages in advance and schedule them to automatically post on your Facebook and Twitter pages over time. The solution also creates detailed reports so you can see how many likes, comments, and shares each post has received. This allows you to optimize future posts when you see which ones got the most engagement.

How to Market Software Through Email

Let's say you now have leads who have signed up for a free trial or contacted you for more information. How do you convert these leads into customers who will continue using your software? Marketing automation enables you to send personalized marketing campaigns to each of your contacts. Personally targeted messages nurture leads and are much more effective than mass messages. Automation allows you to connect personally with more contacts than you ever thought possible.

How to Market Software Through Surveys

Once you have some customers using your software, it is important to gain feedback about the customer experience. This allows you to improve your software and appeal to your customers' needs. Automated surveys can be sent out after each time a customer uses your software. The automated solution collects all survey results so you can analyze them and optimize your products.

How to Market Software Using Automation

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