How to Use a Landing Page Generator: Where to Start

How to Use a Landing Page Generator: Where to Start

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Landing Page Generator

Landing pages offer your organization an easy way to pass along information about a specific item or event without having to have readers navigate your whole website. Instead, there is a single page with all the information they need. This makes landing pages ideal for event registration, product highlights, and page testing.

Building a landing page from scratch using HTML and CSS can be a timely endeavor, and costly if you cannot do it yourself, which is why landing page generators are so handy for non-technical and technical users alike. With the right landing page generator, you can simply drag and drop in the elements you wish to include and customize them through specific settings.

Before you start making your first landing page, it's important to go in with a plan. Here's what you need to know to create your first landing page in a landing page generator.

Outline the purpose of the landing page

Before you can create a landing page, you should have a thorough vision of what the page will be intended for. For example, if it's for an upcoming conference you'll want to include different elements than if it's a product highlight.

Gather your branding components

You want your landing page to stay consistent with the rest of your company's marketing materials. This means incorporating your logo, brand colors, and images relevant to your company. Having these assets ready will save time when it comes time to add them to your landing page.

Design your page

Once your purpose is outlines and your branding components are gathered, use the editor of the landing page editor to design your page. This is where you can have some fun and try different elements and settings to really make your page one of a kind. Don't forget to include any forms or CTA buttons you may need for your landing page to capture leads.

Test different pages

One of the best things about landing page generators is that they give you the ability to test different pages, CTAs, layouts, etc. If you have multiple ideas for the same page, you can test which one performs better and then direct traffic to that one.

Try it yourself

If you're ready to create a landing page for an upcoming event, sale, or promotion, sign up for a 14-day free trial of the SimplyCast platform and get access to SimplyCast's Landing Page Generator today!

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