Important Information When Using a Dedicated IP Address

Important Information When Using a Dedicated IP Address

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As an email marketer, the one endless battle you face every single day is deliverability. Whether you're sending a personal email or a bulk customer communication, electronic messages are frequently intercepted, filtered, erroneously labeled as spam, bounced or returned to the sender as undeliverable.

Needless to say, it can be a real pain in the butt.

Fortunately, one option that is available to you when using SimplyCast's email marketing service is to send your emails through a Dedicated IP address. What does this mean?

A dedicated IP address is one that is used only by you or your company to send the emails from. Dedicated IPs are static and do not change and since the IP does not change, the history and reputation of the IP belong to the customer using it.
This does not mean you can stop worrying about deliverability. Even with a dedicated IP, deliverability is not as easy as transmitting an email message from one server to the recipient's server and hope it will reach the intended inbox. It involves an understanding of industry best practices and adhering to legal/compliance requirements etc. to get your emails delivered.
When using a Dedicated IP you must understand Reputation: Internet Service Providers (ISPs) filter spam based on many factors like the private IP address reputation. Building a solid reputation using a Private IP takes time, and the only way to build it is by sending legitimate emails and following best practices. After 3-6 months of sending legitimate emails, cleaning your lists and avoiding complaints, your reputation will be top notch. The great news is you control this because with a private IP address your reputation is only impacted by your email marketing practices.
Think about it from an ISP's point of view. They are sitting there one day monitoring the emails flying around and all of a sudden this brand new IP starts sending 100,000 emails out of nowhere. It will trigger a red flag the same way a credit card company investigates a possible stolen card. Even though you are one of the good guys, to the ISP you look like someone sending spam.
Over time once the ISP sees a regular pattern of sending from an IP, then they will trust it and that is when open-rates will return to what they used to be if you were on a shared IP for example.
So in conclusion, if you choose to upgrade to the decided IP address, this does not automatically mean all your emails will reach your recipients' inbox. You must think of your new IP as an intern that just graduated from college. They are full of promise and have the skills to do the job but they need to earn the trust of the company first before being hired and moving up the corporate ladder. If they moved into the corner office on day one, red flags would be going off and everyone would be complaining.
Take the necessary steps to make sure your emails are compliant, your HTML code and content is compliant and your email lists are updated.
For more information please check out the following links and remember to visit the SimplyCast FAQ for all your other SimplyCast related questions.
If you still have questions concerning your dedicated IP, please contact your account manager.

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