Improve Morale and Gauge Satisfaction: Create a Web Form

Improve Morale and Gauge Satisfaction: Create a Web Form

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Improve Morale by Creating a Web Form

Employee morale should be a top priority at any company. Whether you have three employees or 300 employees, ensuring they are happy while at work is a must. Not only does high morale improve productivity, but it just makes for an overall better experience for everyone in the workplace.

In order to boost employee morale within the company, you need to know what changes have to be made. There are many ways to figure out what each employee is thinking. Some of these include performance reviews, a suggestion box, or team meetings. The way to collect employee feedback that we’re going to be focusing on is through is through web forms. In this blog, we will go over some of the benefits of web forms and a few tips to think about when creating them.

The Benefits of Web Forms

Before choosing a method of obtaining employee feedback, it’s good to look at some of the benefits of each method. Each company operates in different ways, so one method might suit you better than another.

The first benefit of creating a web form is that there is no face-to-face communication required. Some employees may find it difficult to put their feelings into words when they’re speaking out loud. Being able to write out their feelings at their own pace is a good way to obtain actual feedback instead of the employees just saying what they think their boss wants to hear.

Another benefit of creating a web form is that it’s so much easier than having to deal with paper forms. All you have to do is direct the employees where to go on the internet to fill out the form. You also won’t have to worry about losing paper forms when all the data is stored in an online database.

The last benefit of web forms that we’re going to talk about is simply how easy they are to make. SimplyCast provides you with employee satisfaction form templates so all that you need to do is customize it exactly how you want. SimplyCast’s drag-and-drop editor makes their web form software easy to use and fully customizable.

Tips for Creating Feedback Forms

Creating an employee feedback form isn’t a hard process whatsoever. In order to create a web form that’s efficient and easy to use, here are a few tips you should think about.

1. Make space for detailed comments

As we mentioned above, some employees may have difficulty speaking their mind when it    comes to face-to-face interaction. You don’t want employees to not be able to say what’s on their mind because then you will never get any real feedback. Creating a feedback form that has enough space for the employee to leave a comment is a great idea. This allows the employee to voice their opinion and share their thoughts in their own words.

2. Create different feedback forms for different purposes

Not all feedback forms should be created the same way. For example, if your plan is to provide your employees with a quarterly employee feedback form, you don’t want them to fill out the exact same form every three months. If you changed something recently within the company, you should ask how they feel about this specific change or what in general they would like to see changed to allow the company run more smoothly.

3. Mix up the types of questions

Even though the questions where employees have to leave a comment are useful, not every question should be like that. One of the best strategies to use in a feedback form is to have rating scales. You have probably seen these in other web forms where you’re being asked to “rate your experience from 1-10,” or something along those lines. These types of questions are great because they can give you lots of useful data and are very simple for employees to answer.

In summary, using web forms for your employee feedback is an efficient and useful way to measure employee satisfaction. When the web forms are designed using the tips above, your employees will appreciate that you put thought into creating these forms and you care about their feedback.

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