How to Increase Retail Sales Using One Simple Tool

How to Increase Retail Sales Using One Simple Tool

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Increase Retail Sales

What if you could take all the little time-consuming communication tasks out of your day while making your customer communication more effective? You can create a more personalized experience for your customers without adding to your workload. How? Use marketing automation.

Marketing automation doesn't just include online advertising and standard automated emails. It is more focused on enabling businesses of any size, especially small businesses, to increase efficiency and save money in order to market more effectively. By using an all-in-one retail marketing automation solution, your retail business can boost sales and customer loyalty through consistent communication and personalized campaigns.

What retail sales tools are included?

Our marketing automation solution includes over 15 marketing and communication tools that are ideal for retail businesses. These tools include email marketing, which is the marketing tool that produces the highest ROI for a very low cost as compared to other methods. The solution also features text message marketing, online surveys, social media management, contact management, live chat, signup forms, landing page creation and more.

What types of retail campaigns can I do?

The potential for unique automated retail campaigns is endless. An automated solution pulls information from each of your customer's profiles in order to personalize their campaigns. Although this process is automated, you are in complete of how campaigns go out.

Different messages are sent to each customer based on how they interact with the messages. If the customer does not open the initial email, you can automate it so that customer then receives a second email with a promotional subject line to pique their interest. If the customer opens the email and clicks a link about seasonal products, they will receive a second email with a seasonal coupon. If they click a link about do it yourself products, they will receive a follow-up email with tutorials about how to complete a task or other educational content and related promotions.

These are just a few examples of how an email campaign might be automatically tailored to each customer's unique interests. You create the content and the automated solution sends out messages that are designed to nurture them to purchase.

You can also run campaigns over social media, text message or even voicemail. As each campaign is sent out, view and analyze results in real time. Detailed reports show you how customers have interacted with your messages so you can see where you need to optimize.

What benefits does an automated retail solution provide?

Marketing automation provides many benefits, but arguably the biggest benefit is that is allows anyone to run complex campaigns. Even a small business can reach out to thousands of customers with a few clicks. This allows smaller businesses to compete with larger businesses.

Marketing automation saves time. A lot of time. By automating a multitude of communication and marketing processes, you drastically reduce the amount of time your staff needs to spend trying to contact customers.

Marketing automation builds loyalty. This is because messages and entire campaigns are able to be highly personalized. Personally targeted messages have a much higher open and conversion rate. Customers are much more likely to buy and to frequently visit your retail business if your messages appeal directly to their needs.

Marketing automation helps you to maintain consistent communication with customers over time. This also helps to build loyalty and increase sales because customers don't forget about you. When a customer stops opening your messages, you will know so you can reach out to them and find out what's going on.

Marketing automation comes with lots of data and detailed reports so you learn much more about your customers. This allows you to optimize your content and your customer service based on real feedback.

Is is difficult to use?

Marketing automation solutions are designed to be easy to use for non-technical users. Our solution comes with pre-made templates, a free Contact Manager, automated unsubscribe functionality to comply with anti-spam laws, and simple drag and drop functionality.

You can even create automated sales pipelines that nurture leads from the point of first contact all the way through to their first, second and hundredth purchase. This makes it easy and efficient to convert leads into customers even if you only have a limited budget and staff resources.

Can I try it for free?

It is essential to try a marketing automation solution before you purchase it. Create a list of your needs and wants in order to get a better idea of the features and functionality that your solution needs to have.

Sign up for a 14 day free trial of SimplyCast 360, our retail automation solution. We provide interactive demos also, hosted by our knowledgeable staff to help you find your way around the solution.

How to increase retail sales depends largely on forming a lasting connection with each of your customers. Marketing automation simply makes this process a lot easier, while consuming less of your time and money.

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