Increase Your Email Inbox Rates in 5 Steps

Increase Your Email Inbox Rates in 5 Steps

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Increase Your Email Inbox Rates in 5 Steps

Is your email delivery rate not as high as you would like? We have some tips to help you improve your email deliverability so you can connect with more of your subscribers effectively. If your emails aren't even reaching your subscribers' inboxes, your email campaigns will not see much success.

This post is all about improving your deliverability. If you would also like to learn about how to increase your email open rates once they reach the inbox, check out "Improve Your Bulk Email Campaign Open Rates with These 4 Tips".

Now then, how can you increase your email inbox rates?

Ensure that Your Business's IP Address is Not on Any Blacklists

If you are blacklisted, your email deliverability will be immediately and drastically affected. Businesses can be blacklisted for a number of reasons, such as sending without permission, including email attachments, sending too frequently, accidentally (or purposely) sending a virus and more. The easiest way to ensure that you don't get blacklisted is to comply with anti-spam regulations (as we discuss further down this list) and to use a blacklist monitoring service. If you do get blacklisted, appeal to the blacklist immediately in order to be removed as soon as possible.

Select an Email Service with a Great Online Reputation

Some great companies suffer poor email deliverability not because they're doing anything wrong but simply because they do not have a good email sending service. Don't waste your time and hurt your own reputation using a poor service. Read independent online reviews to see which programs are popular and have good email inbox delivery rates. Also, take advantage of any free trials you can do in order to try it out for yourself.

Ask Your Subscribers to Whitelist You

This simply involves your subscribers adding your address to their list of trusted contacts. Once you are on their list, your emails will go through to the email inbox much faster and your subscribers will easily recognize your emails.

Be Compliant with Spam Laws

Never send emails without permission and always include a simple opt-out method in each email. Also, avoid spam trigger words so you don't set off any spam filters before your emails reach the inbox. Also, do your research so you know what is allowed, what is prohibited and what the best practices are. To learn more about spam laws, check out our anti-spam summary.

Take Time to Maintain Clean Lists

If you have a lot of old and inactive subscribers on your email sending list, you are more likely to get flagged as a spammer. You will likely be getting a high rate of hard bounces and not a lot of opens. Many inactive email addresses are used as spam traps, and if you continue sending to these addresses, your email inbox rates will suffer and you can also be blacklisted. To avoid these problems, keep your list clean. Every year, you should ask all your subscribers to opt in again. Anyone who does not re-opt in should be removed from your email list. This process also ensures that all your subscribers are engaged and want to receive your emails.

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