Introducing: Hands-Free

Introducing: Hands-Free

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Have you heard about Hands-Free?

We have just launched a new initiative here at SimplyCast that is designed to make the lives of our current and future customers a lot easier by using our team's knowledge to your advantage.

Hands-Free is a managed service in which the team at SimplyCast will take over the creation of your marketing flows as well as any campaign content that you need (such as emails, SMS, or faxes), within the realm of SimplyCast 360's capabilities.

We will not be creating any blog content, whitepapers, or anything else outside of what can be done in the SimplyCast 360 platform.

The SimplyCast team will also offer you reports and recommendations based on your campaign's progress and success, so that you will always be motivated to improve your future campaigns, thus increasing your ROI.

Why go Hands-Free?

Other than the fact that this feature will save you untold amounts of time and effort, there are quite a few benefits of incorporating Hands-Free into your marketing strategy.

For example, with Hands-Free, you would receive all the benefits from marketing automation without even needing to know how the platform works. You can rely on the technical experience and expertise of our team to make sure you are achieving all of your marketing goals.

Hands-Free would also be beneficial for some SMBs who may not have the manpower to devote enough time to their marketing strategies but who would still like to increase engagement with their customers.

If you opt for Hands-Free, you will have the chance to have a strategy session with someone from our team to determine the best course of action for your company. You would need to provide any logos or branding from your business, as well as any other materials the SimplyCast team may need in order to create and launch your campaigns.

Even though we will be creating your campaign content for you, you will still have an active role in the developing the strategy that works best for you.

What will it cost?

SimplyCast Hands-Free is offered as a supplementary service, on top of any SimplyCast 360 package, and any additional costs such as SMS, fax or extra credits or contacts.

Depending on the number of hours of work you need the SimplyCast agent to dedicate to your campaigns over the course of the month, there are different levels of pricing for you to choose from.

For more information

To learn more about how Hands-Free could work for your business, check out this page. If you have any questions, please contact our Hands-Free team at

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