Introducing Ourselves: SimplyCast's Daily CASL Webinars

Introducing Ourselves: SimplyCast's Daily CASL Webinars

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Daily CASL Webinars

Over the past week we've been doing a daily webinar that talks about Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and how to become compliant with it. This was well received, given that the law comes into effect in just two weeks. Our webinars are daily walk-throughs, and the slides are sent to viewers at the end. Alex Jones, our Compliance Manager, leads the webinars. Alex has studied the CASL legislation extensively, and knows many of the ins and outs of the more complex use cases.

After a 20-30 minute presentation, Alex opens the floor to Q&A. We have had a fantastic response, with questions ranging from the easy to answer "Does consent expire?" to the considerably more difficult "If I am sending emails to clients on behalf of a client, do I have to gain consent as well as my client?" By the way, express consent lasts until withdrawn, and implied consent lasts 6 months to 2 years, depending on the reason implied consent was gained.

The CASL webinars are part of a larger education campaign about CASL, compliance, and how we offer some of the compliance requirements pre-built into our products. We want to help customers and non-customers alike. The webinars are open to everyone and anyone who wants to sign up. We cannot offer legal advice, but we can make sure that everyone who comes to us knows the basics. We also answer questions to the best of our ability, and if anything is beyond our scope we recommend expert advice.

It's been a pleasure to sit in on the webinars. We have recorded the questions we've gotten so far, and more CASL FAQs will be coming soon. In the meantime, the presentation signup and other documentation are found on our CASL page, and in our blog and FAQ sections. See you soon. CASL is just around the corner!

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