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  • SimplyCast CRM: The Perfect Local Government CRM For You

    Are you a municipal government in need of a solution to help you store and manage your contacts? Whether your contacts are citizens, fellow government employees, or even visitors to your area, SimplyCast has the perfect local government CRM to meet your needs. Don’t believe us? We can prove it. Here are some of the features we offer in our CRM sure to be an asset to your government operations.

  • How to Leverage SMS Automation Software to Quickly Increase Engagement

    When you first hear automation software, you likely think of email automation, which is fair seeing as over half of businesses use email automation in one way or another. But, email is no longer the only communication channel in the proverbial automation game: SMS automation software.

  • Why Business Continuity Planning is Important

    Proper communication can sometimes be the difference between life and death, which is why business continuity planning is important.

  • How to Enhance Your Routine Incident Response

    Emergency managers all have their own ways of managing an emergency situation – from who to notify and when to notify them, to how and when to deploy resources. While each manager has their routine incident response processes already well-established, there are still ways they can be enhanced with some of the new technology options available. There is no need to completely revamp existing processes (especially if they are working), however some enhancements can bolster them and increase efficiency when first responders are responding to an incident.

  • Capture Leads with Real Estate Text for Info Campaigns

    As a real estate agent or agency, you’re likely always looking for new, innovative ways to capture to leads whether for buyers or sellers. In order to stay competitive, agents and agencies need to find leads where the competition is not and one such avenue is through real estate text for info campaigns.

  • Campus Mass Notification: Creating a Safer Campus

    There’s a lot to do when it comes to a student’s first day of college or university - moving into residence, acquiring their student ID, buying textbooks, scoping out their classes, and signing up for Frosh Week activities, just to name a few. So, it’s no surprise that among all this excitement that a student would forget to sign up to receive alerts from the campus mass notification system.

  • Best Practices for Choosing and Using an Online Form Creator

    Are you in the market for a new online form creation tool? Or perhaps you have just implemented one and are now struggling to create forms that are both effective and visually appealing to your contacts. Here are some best practices you may want to follow before and after you implement your online form creator.

  • How to Use Physician On Call Scheduling Software

    Along with tending to their regular patients, many physicians often have on call shifts at hospitals as well. These on call shifts require them to remain on alert and ready to go in to the hospital whenever there is a need for additional personnel. These facilities may require the use of physician on call scheduling software in order to view and manage who is on call during any particular shift to effectively and efficiently call in the appropriate resource. This scheduling software may appear to be intimidating at first glance but once you get the hang of it, on call physician scheduling will become much more efficient than if you continue to rely on the traditional pen and paper method, or even simple spreadsheets. Here are some preliminary steps to take when starting out with physician on call scheduling software.

  • Email Frequency: How Often is Not Often Enough?

    In order to succeed at email marketing, you need to master email frequency. After all, the crux of email marketing is converting contacts into customers based on the emails you send or engaging and upselling existing customers, right? We hear it all to often: "We don't send very much because we don't want to annoy our customers." There is a delicate balance here. Yes, you don't want to over send to contacts else you risk them unsubscribing, but you also don't want to send to them so seldom that they forget who you are. The trick here is two-fold: send consistently and send relevant information.

  • Social Media and Email Marketing: A Powerful Combination

    Social media and email marketing are two very powerful channels your organization can use to generate new leads, boost brand recognition, and increase overall revenue. These channels are even more powerful and effective when used together. Keeping social media and email marketing separate will still provide you with effective strategies…but having a holistic view between all marketing channels provides your organization with brand consistency and provides your leads and contacts with a strong brand experience.

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