Kill Your Email Marketing with Spam Traps!

Kill Your Email Marketing with Spam Traps!

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A spam trap is an email address collected using automatic harvesting methods for the purpose of sending unsolicited communications. The spam trap address is usually hidden from view by using tiny font or coding the email using the same color as the background. However, spam-trap emails are different than regular emails, if an email is sent to this address the owner of the spam-trap will process the unsolicited email and beginning a complaint process to your ESP/ISP or block your domain/IP completely.

The only way to protect yourself from falling into a spam-trap is first, ensure you follow best practices of email collection using only closed-loop double-opt-in confirmation process, where users must confirm their intention of receiving your email. Second, remove all hard bounces regularly to ensure you are sending to a clean and current list.

SimplyCast Email Marketing has a built-in system to automatically remove bounces from your list and the web sign-up form will automatically generate a closed-loop double-opt-in confirmation for each recipient.

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