Make Pages Thrive: Helpful Landing Page Software Features

Make Pages Thrive: Helpful Landing Page Software Features

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Helpful Landing Page Software Features to Make Pages Thrive

Want to create the perfect landing page for your brand? We’ve got you covered with our landing page software. Don’t miss out on brand awareness, increasing sales, or creating long-term relationships with potential customers. With landing page software, all of these and more are possible as businesses around the globe move towards digitizing.

Request a demo and see how SimplyCast can help you boost your company’s marketing campaigns and complement client interactions. Our software helps you design your landing page down to the last detail for your vision. Add any assortment of elements to your page with the drag-and-drop editor and modify these elements as needed. Don’t miss the opportunity for your company to thrive in its target market by engaging viewers and increasing conversions.

Targeting is employed through the A/B split testing functionality, which allows you to tailor your pitch to your directed audience and use the most optimized version to the largest interactive audience. A/B split testing tracks conversions from available versions and gives a detailed report on what page is generating the most traffic.

Choosing to enable the A/B split option means if you created multiple pages as part of your landing page project, you can test which page is the most well received. The URL will direct users to one of these pages automatically, depending on the traffic settings you have configured. These settings all can easily be tinkered within the landing page software provided by SimplyCast.

The traffic strategy feature gives users the ability to target to specific audiences based on region. Use this function to tailor your page to potential leads to create strong relationships with your viewers. Use this software to allow leads to convert via an online form and send a personalized email to your audience about services and products perfect for their needs.

Another impressive feature of the landing page software is the custom domain function. This feature allows companies to host the landing page from their own domain to ensure engagement. To support brand awareness and consistency, SimplyCast provides a custom domain application so your landing page’s domain can be directly linked to your site parent page.

SimplyCast offers all these helpful tools and more through our own landing page generator with built-in designs or suggested color schemes. SimplyCast recommends keeping your landing page color scheme and image design similar to the parent site to encourage conversions, however, the page can be edited easily to fit your vision.

Click the link below and request a demo to see how SimplyCast’s landing page software can be leveraged for your organization!

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