Looking for the Best Free CRM Software Available? It's Here

Looking for the Best Free CRM Software Available? It's Here

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Best Free CRM Software

Great CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is hard to find. And when you do find it, it comes at a price. What if comprehensive and powerful CRM software was free?

We believe every organization, even small businesses and nonprofit businesses, should have access to great CRM software. That's why we are offering our new Contact Manager at the highly affordable price of $0.

How can free CRM software help my business?

No matter what type of business or organization you run, you will be in contact with hundreds or thousands of people. If you do not have an effective solution to manage your contacts, you quickly become overwhelmed. Trying to do the multitude of small communication tasks that come up every day eats up your time and impedes productivity.

Using a CRM software solution to organize, store, update and manage your important contact data saves time and reduces frustration. You can automate many tasks that you would normally have to do manually. This includes sending emails and text messages, calling customers as well as leaving voicemails, creating personalized marketing campaigns for customers, managing your social media pages, conducting customer surveys, entering and updating customer contact data and much more.

A CRM solution keeps track of all your customer data and makes it simple to find information when you need it.

What are some of the top features I should look for in a free CRM software solution?

  • Easy to maintain and edit information
  • Ability to generate detailed reports
  • Easily integrates with your marketing solution or is included in your marketing solution (as is the case with our Contact Manager)
  • Multiple members of your team can use it with their own account and capabilities
  • Multiple communication tools in a single integrated platform for maximum efficiency
  • Ability to create sales pipelines
  • Simple user interface
  • Ability to customize
  • Security

Do you offer a free CRM solution?

We do. We call it the Contact Manager and it is completely free to use. The Contact Manager was designed around our customer needs and feedback.

The Contact Manager makes it easy and efficient to manage your contacts and track their history, preferences, and behavior. It enables you to create customizable sales pipelines and nurture leads both automatically and manually. Create individual customer profiles that will be automatically updated as new data is received.

Add tags to customer profiles to make it easier to send targeted messages and campaigns. Add notes that provide additional relevant information for customers. Rate leads as hot or not in order to keep track of which leads you want to pursue. Set up alerts when contacts take certain actions or when information changes. The Contact Manager makes it simple to do these tasks and many more.

Does your Contact Manager software integrate with third-party CRM solutions?

Yes! If you choose to store your data with another CRM solution, you can easily access it. The Contact Manager integrates with any CRM solution you can think of.

What if I want multiple members of my team to be able to access contact data, but I want to limit their permissions?

No problem. Our Contact Manager features multi-user accounts. Multi-user accounts allow the main account holder to create as many accounts as are needed and set specific permissions for each. This allows your team to access data but you can restrict what actions they can take and what they can view.

How can I learn more about your Contact Manager?

Contact our Customer Care Team at 866-323-6572, ext. 1.

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