Managing Property Listings Automatically

Managing Property Listings Automatically

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Managing Property Listings Automatically

Any given real estate agency might have dozens of agents or more. Contacting each of those agents whenever new property becomes available and managing who is responsible for each seems like a task that would take up a lot of time and resources. On a good day, with a manageable sized agency, it’s probably a cakewalk. However, as the business grows and more clients ask you to sell their property, this becomes a bigger task. More notifications have to be sent to more agents and in the end, it winds up becoming an unwieldy, noisy process. Phones ringing off the hook and constant communication make the office much less approachable as a work environment.

In a manual listing process, the agency would reach out to each agent, likely in order of performance record, to allow them to claim a property when it becomes listed with the agency. Not only does this take up the time of the staff in the office, but it also stifles the potential of new agents while increasing pressure on successful ones. In the manual process, the whole communication flow can become disoriented just because of a minor mistake or miscommunication. An automated property listing management system can send messages to agents alerting them of a new property, track their responses, and ensure that the appropriate information reaches them however they prefer. Sounds interesting, right?

In this blog, we are going to address the benefits to agencies, agents, and clients as provided by an automatic property listing management solution.

So, here are the top four benefits of using an automated system to manage listings:

Reduce Manual Tasks

One of the most cumbersome tasks in the entire process is sending messages to all your agents one by one. Moreover, if personalized messages need to be sent to them, the workload becomes even more intricate and time-consuming. An administrator must copy the messages, paste them into a new individual message, personalize them manually, and then send them to each recipient.

However, if you are using an automated property listing management solution, all you need to do is create a single message template and set rules in the solution to send that message to all your agents automatically. The solution will personalize messages using information stored on each agent, meaning each of your agents will receive a personalized listing notification. This will reduce manual, repetitive tasks significantly.

Save Time

Naturally, manual tasks come with a hefty price tag when it comes to time. Imagine sending 50 listing notification messages one by one. Creating, modifying, and sending these messages takes time. Plus, if you are tracking who you are sending to on a separate sheet, it takes up even more time.

However, when you deploy an automated property listing management system, you can automate all these tasks, saving your time and resources. This factor is particularly important because clients are expecting a quick turnaround on their property and in some cases cannot (or will not) wait for administrative processes. Satisfying those clients often means a better arrangement for the agency.

Reduce Communication Blocks

Using a manual method, you can send notification messages to your agents. But then what? You have no control over the communication cycle. You don’t get to know who read your messages or who opened them. You are in a communication void. All you can do is to wait for agents to respond “yes” or “no.”

If you are using an automated solution though, you can see how many notification messages were delivered, how many people opened the messages, and how many people read them and responded one way or another. That makes two-way communication way easier for you.

Boost Efficiency

Finally, when you use an automated property listing management system, you boost your overall efficiency. Instead of manually collecting responses one by one, you can track incoming responses in real time. Also, you can quickly let other agents know when a property has been claimed to prevent an excessive number of responders. Doing all these things manually would consume a sizable portion of your time and resources. By consolidating them, you allow the agency more money for essential processes and everyone in the office has a chance to prosper due to a quieter, more profitable work environment!

So, there are our top four benefits of using an automated system for your property listing management.

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