Marketing Automation for POS Providers: Solutions

Marketing Automation for POS Providers: Solutions

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Marketing Automation for POS Providers

POS systems, also known as Point of Sale systems, allow business to conduct businesses by allowing for monetary transfers to happen easily and seamlessly. POS systems are often thought of as the system that ends a transaction and sale, thus completing the customer's journey up to that point. POS systems are more in the sales world – not the marketing world – because the tools they offer are only used at the end of the cycle. If, as a POS provider, you want to get more involved in the sales process and offer more to your customers at the same time, it may be time to consider offering marketing automation software to create an automated POS solution for your clients to benefit from. You may find that combining POS and automation will change the game for your business.

What is marketing automation software?

Marketing automation software is a technology growing in popularity that allows organizations to communicate with their audiences in a personalized and targeted way. Essentially, marketing automation creates a way for organizations to use information about individual users and appeal to them based on their preferences.

How do I get involved and create an automated POS solution?

The big names in marketing automation are already well established and would be difficult to compete with if you had to create your own marketing automation platform from scratch. Luckily, SimplyCast has a white labelled reseller program that allows you to rebrand its existing automation platform, SimplyCast 360, to your own logos and branding and offer it to your clients. This will allow clients to combine automation and POS into a solution that works for them—and buy both these components of their solution from you!

What are the benefits of reselling SimplyCast 360?

Selling a white labelled marketing automation platform, namely SimplyCast 360, allows you to add new value to your brand without needing to create your own platform from scratch.  Offering marketing automation means that your company can now offer solutions for the entirety of the customer's journey from lead to customer to returning customer.

In addition to adding value to your company, you are also adding a revenue stream when offering marketing automation. Your client base will expand because you can now appeal to clients who may not need a POS system but are interested in marketing automation.

If you'd like to learn more about the White Label Reseller Program, visit this page or contact the SimplyCast sales team for even more information!

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