Marketing Managed Services as a Google Partner: Tips

Marketing Managed Services as a Google Partner: Tips

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Marketing Managed Services

A service, such as the one provided by a Google Partner, has the ability to further prove its value to a client by offering them the option to have all of their marketing done for them through the use of a managed service. By marketing managed services into your current offerings as a Google Partner, clients will realize that you are able to fulfill all of their marketing needs, thus increasing your overall brand value. Knowing this, both prospective and new clients will be less likely to turn elsewhere which means you will have gained satisfied, long-term customers.

Create a new revenue stream

You may be thinking: "What benefit do I gain from offering more to my clients if it adds more work to my plate?"

Offering a service that takes care of your clients' marketing content creation and implementation strategy would be outside the scope of the typical services you provide your clients. Such a managed service would remain separate and would be an add-on option for your clients to take advantage of. With that said, this also means that offering a managed service has the potential to create an entirely new stream of revenue for your Google Partner business.

Marketing managed services as part of your business's menu of products and services means your business is now able to appeal to a larger and wider audience, which in turn will net you more clients and more revenue overall. And yes, while creating and managing your clients' marketing content for them sounds like it could take a lot of extra time and work; there are ways available for you to lighten the load.

Make it easier with marketing automation

A marketing automation platform makes running a managed service for your clients both easier and more efficient by providing you with the tools you need to help make creating and managing sophisticated marketing campaigns look effortless.

With a multi-channel automation platform, all the communication methods you need in order to effectively reach out to all your contacts are centralized in one place and able to be launched from within the same interface.

Create marketing flows that include both emails and SMS messages to be sent out automatically to your clients' clients by using their preferred method of contact. Create drip campaigns by creating and scheduling delays within a marketing flow to send the messages at a certain date and time. With a marketing automation platform, you can do all this and more with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Marketing managed services SimplyCast-style - how we do it

At SimplyCast, we offer our own managed service called Hands-Free where we create and manage our clients' marketing campaigns for them as well as provide reports and feedback once the campaign has ended.

With Hands-Free, clients can opt for one of several pricing packages. Depending on the package they choose, they will be assigned a SimplyCast employee for a specified number of hours monthly who will create, design, write, and manage their marketing flows within our automation platform, SimplyCast 360. We provide clients with training, strategy sessions, and more, clients are able to voice what they hope to accomplish in their marketing endeavors and Hands-Free takes care of the rest.

Hands-Free is offered as a supplementary service on top of any SimplyCast 360 plans that the client already possesses.

Outsource your managed service to us

Use Hands-Free as a template on which to model your own managed service for your clients, or simply outsource your marketing managed service to SimplyCast. Should your Google Partner business decide to become a reseller of SimplyCast marketing automation solution, you have the option to recommend our Hands-Free services through SimplyCast to your clients as an alternative to running your own managed service for your clients' marketing.

If you are interested in learning more about our Hands-Free managed service, please visit our Hands-Free web page for more information, or contact us at

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