Marketing and Communication Tools: Online CRM Software

Marketing and Communication Tools: Online CRM Software

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Online CRM Software

A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) helps keep your contact information organized and easy to find. Online CRM software is great for making sure all your information is sorted so you can use it effectively instead of hunting for contact information in a disorganized format. When a CRM software is used in conjunction with marketing automation, you can create personalized campaigns based on the information in the CRM.

The SimplyCast CRM includes pipelines and tasks to help you keep your sales process organized. Pipelines allow you to assign each contact a stage in the sales cycle. These stages can be a prospect, qualified lead, or any other naming conventions you choose to use.

The tasks feature allows you to keep employees organized by assigning them individual tasks so you can see what each employee is assigned and working on. When the CRM is used with marketing automation these processes can also be automated. Contacts can be moved through the sales cycles automatically based on how they interact with your messages and employees can be assigned tasks automatically based on actions in the campaigns

But, for now, let's go over how you can use the SimplyCast CRM on its own.

1) Upload your contact data

The SimplyCast CRM allows you to upload contact data through a spreadsheet, individually, or from another online CRM through an API or integration. However you choose to get your data into the CRM can be done easily from the main dashboard.

2) Organize your data

In the SimplyCast CRM you can add personalized columns to your data. This means you can add fields for your contacts outside of the default columns. In the individual contact view, you can add information about a specific contact. You can also add scores, select if they are a hot lead or now, and view their interactions through the timeline.

For groups of contact, you can create lists. Lists help you sort your contacts into similar groupings to better control your communications

3) Assign tasks

As previously mentioned, you can use the online CRM software to assign tasks to your employees. This can be done through the Tasks option on the CRM dashboard. From here, you can assign tasks, set priorities, see what tasks are incomplete, and more.

4) Move contacts through pipeline stages

Tasks and pipelines are great organizational tools that work well together. When creating your tasks, you may want to mention moving contacts to a different stage in the pipeline depending their engagement and response. Pipelines are a great way to see how far along your contacts are in the sales cycle.

If you would like more information on the SimplyCast CRM, visit this page.

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