Marketing and Communication Tools: Facebook Automation

Marketing and Communication Tools: Facebook Automation

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Facebook Automation

Social media is a powerful force in marketing. With 74 percent of all internet users on social media, it is important that you engage with this audience.

Instead of posting on social media sites like Facebook manually, consider trying a Facebook automation tool. These tools allow you to write and schedule posts in advance in order to make your social media presence consistent without requiring constant maintenance.

Here are the basics to get started with Facebook automation.

1) Write your posts

If you have some spare time, write all the basic social media content that you want to post on Facebook for the foreseeable future (usually a month or two is a good amount to start with).

2) Break posts down into campaigns

If you have different types of content you'd like to post, consider organizing it into different campaigns to keep it tidy. You could even set up your campaigns based on the month.

3) Input posts into the Facebook automation tool

Plug in your content and schedule it to come out on any day and time you like. Once all your content is in the tool and scheduled, finish the project. You now have a strong Facebook presence that will engage your followers.

If you'd like more information on SimplyCast's Facebook automation tool, visit this page.

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