Marketing and Communication Tools: Voice Broadcasting

Marketing and Communication Tools: Voice Broadcasting

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Nothing gets results quite like a phone call. Where emails can be ignored, phone calls will be answered because it is a more direct form of communication.

Instead of calling each of your contacts individually in order to engage them, consider using voice broadcasting to save your team time and resources.

Here's how you can use voice broadcasting software.

1) Prepare your message

The great thing about voice broadcasting software is that you don't have to prepare the message yourself (although you can if you want by recording and uploading it). Most voice broadcasting software provides you with the option to type in your message and translate it to speech automatically.

2) Set your preferences

When it comes to making a phone call, there can be a few variables. In order to avoid any mishap, set your preferences in advance. If an answering machine responds, do you want to leave a message? Do you want to allow contacts to unsubscribe during the phone call? All of these preferences can be easily set before you finish creating the voice broadcast.

3) Schedule your campaign

Once you are happy with your message and your preferences, select the contacts you want to send the message to and when you want to send it. You will be shown an estimate of the cost before you finalize the broadcast.

Do you want to learn more about SimplyCast's voice broadcasting software? Visit this page for more information.

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