Marketing Myth: Customers Don’t Engage with Text Messages

Marketing Myth: Customers Don’t Engage with Text Messages

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Open rates don't lie.

Where marketing emails have an open rate of 22 percent, SMS messages have an astounding open rate of 98 percent.

Not only do consumers open these messages: they want them. 47 percent of consumers say that when they are near a store they want offers on their mobile phones. The easiest way to do this? Text messages.

The best part is that if you offer customers promotions and coupons through their mobile phones they will be ten times more likely to use them than print or email coupons! Sending customers text messages is the perfect way to boost customer engagement and increase the number of coupon redemptions you receive.

Now that 30 percent of consumers are already interacting with a brand or company via SMS messages, it's time for you to get in on the trend. Using SMS marketing is six to eight times more engaging for consumers than email marketing because it is immediately sent directly to their mobile phones. SMS marketing makes receiving promotional messages easy because there's no need to log into an email account – the message is right there.

If you'd like to learn more about how your organization can benefit from using text messages in your marketing strategy, visit this page.

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