Marketing Tips Straight from Bad Emmy Hosts

Marketing Tips Straight from Bad Emmy Hosts

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‘Tis the season for television's top awards – the Emmys! Though most viewers tuned in to see who was wearing what, who showed up without a date and, well, who won, there are some out there that watched to see what kind of antics the host would pull.

Emmy hosts are cut from the same cloth as other Hollywood award hosts. Arguably, what all of these hosts have in common is how absolutely cringe-worthy their performances usually are.

But with anything that's bad, there's always something good and something to be learned.

Straight from Emmy hosts (and all other award shows, for that matter), here are some valuable marketing lessons that we all can apply to our strategies.

Essentially, this is a quick guide of "What Not to Do!"

1. Don't Overstay Your Welcome

Ever notice that with a little bit of power, a microphone and a bit of clever monologuing, Emmy hosts turn the stage into their own personal fiefdom?

They think that since they're on stage, everyone has to pay attention to them and what they say.

That's entirely not true. The best awards hosts get in, get out and do so within 30 seconds while quickly sharing what's coming up.

Marketing Tip: With any promotional message – email, fax, SMS, social media or on your website – the very best thing to do is get to your message fast and don't dilly-dally about getting to it.

2. It's Not About You

Emmy hosts go on and on and on and on about themselves to the point that the world may know more about them than their therapist.

Any awards show is about the awards and winners, not the self-indulgent rants from a wayward host.

Also, no one cares and, quite frankly, is put off by poking fun at the audience members. That practice wore out its welcome way before the whole "Oprah, Uma" debacle.

Marketing Tip: Your promotions are not about you, how awesome your company is or how flashy your advertisements are. It's about your products. That's what you're selling. If you need to tell the world how awesome you are then you're not only undermining your products but also showing how unsure you are about them in the first place.

3. Rehearse, Edit and Rehearse Again

Some hosts believe that since there's a teleprompter, there's no reason to rehearse.

Rehearsing removes the kinks from the monologues but also makes the presenter more comfortable. True professionals just don't wing it; they practice.

With rehearsing, great hosts cut away the excess and sharpen up the speeches so that they're crisp.

Then, they rehearse some more. Bad Emmy hosts, in particular, rely solely on the Teleprompters and they simply repeat what's scrolling across the screen. Then, the performance comes off as lifeless and wooden, and mistakes that ought to have been caught, aren't.

Marketing Tip: Whatever marketing strategy you're doing, make sure that you review your content, graphics, and promotions again and again. Make changes, and repeat the process until no one spots a single mistake. Now that you have these tips in your online marketing script for success, you are ready to be the host (business) with the most - sales.

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