An Online Mass Texting Service to Draw In Customers

An Online Mass Texting Service to Draw In Customers

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Online Mass Texting Service

Trying to draw more customers into your store? Try pairing an online mass texting service with in-store coupons.

We all know that coupons can be a great way to entice customers to visit your online or brick-and-mortar business. But did you know that mass text message coupons are much more likely to be redeemed than other more traditional forms of coupons, such as print coupons or email coupons?

Why SMS Coupons are So Effective

Rather than having to cut out a print coupon, or bring up an email coupon (which may not display correctly on a mobile phone, or may not be accessible at all if the customer does not have a mobile data plan), a customer can easily redeem a text message coupon from their phone in seconds.

The engaging and immediate nature of an online mass texting service for marketing makes it a highly effective way to drive business with SMS coupons.

How to Gain SMS Marketing Subscribers

There are many ways to get customers to sign up for your mass text messages. You can place signup forms on your company website and social media pages to allows visitors to easily sign up for your SMS messages. If you have a physical storefront, you can also provide signup forms at the checkout and explain the benefits of receiving mass text messages to your customers.

Tell customers they will receive exclusive mass text message discounts and special coupons, so customers have a good reason to sign up. Focus on highlighting the benefits the customers will receive. What special deals will you be providing to them?

How to Create and Distribute Your SMS Messages

In order to create and send mass text message coupons, you will need a mass text service. There are many text message services available online. You will be able to easily create simple text messages to send to your subscribers. Be sure you do include promotional codes that your customers can use when checking out at your physical or online stores.

Once you create your mass text message, you need to upload your list of subscribers' text message numbers. Using an online mass texting service, you can send a message to all subscribers on your list, or you can select a smaller targeted segment of customers to send specific text messages to. Simply schedule the time that you want your messages to be sent, and you are good to go.

Who Can Use SMS Messaging Effectively?

Mass text message marketing is effective for many different industries. They can be used with great success in the retail industry, whether you have a physical business or an online business.

One of the most common uses for an online mass texting service and coupons is through the restaurant industry. Restaurant customers can sign up to receive coupons for discounts on their next meal or special deals on certain food items. This helps to draw people in to the restaurant.

The sports industry can also use a mass texting service to send coupons to their fans that offer discounts on team merchandise and game tickets.

Health spas and salons frequently offer discounts through mass text message marketing, for discounts on hair or nail services.

Movie theatres also offer mass text message promotions to customers who sign up to receive discounts on movie tickets and theatre food.

Ready to Start Using Your Online Mass Texting Service Solution?

You now know how to mass text effectively for your subscribers. Text message coupons are a fun and effective way to engage customers, and they can bring in extra revenue for your business. An online mass texting service makes it easy. Try text message marketing today!

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