Marketing Mini Myth: Vindictive Customers - Spam Buttons

Marketing Mini Myth: Vindictive Customers - Spam Buttons

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Marketing Mini Myth

Being reported as spam is every email marketers' worst nightmare. But, what are the chances of your emails actually being reported as spam?

You'd be surprised how unlikely it is.

Only about one for every two thousand email subscribers will mark an email as spam. Of course, having any emails marked as spam isn't a good thing but at least this isn't an insurmountable obstacle.

Let's do the math here. If one out of every two thousand emails you send is marked as spam, how many emails in your typical campaign will be flagged? If your campaign is sending to 100,000 people, that means 50 of your emails could potentially be marked as spam. Still not too bad, but that number wouldn't do wonders for your online reputation.

What steps can you take to protect your online reputation and ensure that less of your emails are marked as spam?

Having opted-in subscribers is a big first step.

Your customers aren't vindictive with the spam button when they've consented and agreed to receive communications from you. If you're sending to people who haven't consented, not only are you increasing the chances of being reported as spam, you're also breaking the CASL and CAN-SPAM laws.

The SimplyCast platform has additional features built in to help protect yourself from being marked as spam. All emails are sent out with a mandatory unsubscribe button and your physical address. These requirements help make your emails compliant and your subscribers content.

Having opted-in subscribers and an unsubscribe option limit the likelihood that a reader will report your email as spam because, if they are no longer interested, they can unsubscribe instead.

If you'd like to try SimplyCast's email marketing tool, sign up for a 14-day free trial and try it out!

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