My SimplyCast Experience: Ailish Cooke

My SimplyCast Experience: Ailish Cooke

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My SimplyCast Experience

Today I will be covering my personal experience within the co-op position I had taken at SimplyCast. I will be covering a few tasks and opportunities that I faced within the position of a Marketing Technology Associate and my experience gained with them.

Boot Camp

When we first started at SimplyCast, we were required to do training on company procedures – such as what to do in case of issues, who to report these issues to, as well as a more in-depth training on information security procedures. There was a bit of reading for each section but the questions in the quizzes we needed to complete were straightforward and clear.

Blogs, FAQs, Features, Social Media Posts

The majority of the work in this co-op was writing and creating content to be published on the SimplyCast website as well as industry-specific writing assignments. As a student planning to major in marketing, this was incredibly helpful in improving my writing skills as well as time efficiency.

Daily Update

Every morning I met with my team of fellow co-op students and our Organic Marketing Manager, Erin. In the daily update we discussed what we have covered the previous day and what we plan to cover that day. We also discussed any new assignments and any concerns/questions we may have.

Weekly Company-Wide Meetings

These meetings are a bit longer and we heard from the CEO as well as any other team members who wished to speak. As a co-op student, we had the opportunity to volunteer to present what our team is currently working on. This was a really cool opportunity to get some insight into the overall company operations and what other teams are doing.

ICTC Certificate

We had the opportunity to select two courses that we receive certificates offered through WIL courses. The cyber security certificate was mandatory for our co-op group and you could choose another course as well. I chose Advanced Manufacturing and a few of my coworkers chose the Fintech course. This was a really cool opportunity to get more insight into industries and add to our resumes.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I loved my placement at SimplyCast. There is a supportive spirit across the company and my manager encouraged any and all questions we had. It can be a little nerve-wracking starting your first co-op placement but once you’ve settled in and gotten all your logins set up, it was pretty straightforward. The tasks were clear with examples to follow and guidance at any time from your supervisor.

If you're thinking of checking out SimplyCast for your co-op placement in the Organic Content Marketing Team, I would say to expect a lot of writing! However, the team is very flexible and understanding so don’t be afraid to reach out for support.

Along with improving my writing skills, I also developed my time management and organization skills. I was expected to produce a consistent stream of blogs and complete other tasks with specific deadlines, like weekly social media posts and larger assignments. A big thing I learned and had to practice was managing these deadlines by planning out my week and completing chunks of larger projects in between blogs.

I hope you found this informational and that you keep SimplyCast in mind in your co-op or job search! As the CEO, Saeed El-Darahali, always says, “Once a SimplyCaster, always a SimplyCaster.”

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