Our New Agency Options: Coming Soon by Popular Demand!

Our New Agency Options: Coming Soon by Popular Demand!

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New Agency Options

If you are part of a marketing agency and you have clients who use SimplyCast for their marketing campaigns, you're in luck. We are expanding our agency options and functionality, based on detailed feedback from you with Agency365!

Using SimplyCast, you have always been able to manage all your marketing campaigns through our all-in-one platform, no matter which communication tool you are using. Being able to do all your marketing through a single solution provides ease of use, efficiency, and consistency.

After discussing our agency options with many different marketing agencies and industry professionals, we realized the value of having your own single overarching agency account.

The Agency365 Account

When version 8.8 of our application launches you will be able to manage all your clients' SimplyCast marketing from a single agency account. No more logging in to lots of different client accounts, which is complicated and takes time. In the agency account, you can access each different client's account. The agency account enables you to efficiently manage each of your separate client's marketing efforts. You control it all, however, through your own single account.

This includes subscription management, the ability to log into client accounts, and full campaign management functionality. We are also working on being able to transfer campaigns and templates back and forth between agency and client accounts. This would mean that if agencies have a standardized process they can create it once in their agency account, then copy it to their clients' accounts without having to recreate it.

In addition to managing multiple client accounts, the agency account will also give you the ability to centralize client billing and subscription management.

Multi-User Accounts

You also asked for increased multi-user account functionality. Multi-user accounts allow various staff members to work on marketing projects and campaigns with varying levels of permission. Multi-user accounts are now available for every communication tool, and you can set specific permissions for each user. You can easily control which staff members can create, edit and delete projects and which tools they have access to. Permissions are based on each user's separate login.

Have Questions?

We are listening to your agency needs. We want to provide maximum convenience and profitability for you and your clients.

Stay tuned for more agency information, or contact our team to learn more.

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