New Integrations at SimplyCast!

New Integrations at SimplyCast!

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New Integrations

It's been over a year since SimplyCast first launched its App Integration Manager. The aim of this manager has been to allow users to simply integrate their existing systems with the SimplyCast platform so they can reap the benefits of marketing automation without having to give up their legacy CRM.

Since the launch of the Integration Manager, SimplyCast has been working hard to create more connections with more applications that our clients and resellers have requested. The most recent of these connections is Salesforce.

Salesforce live update

SimplyCast already had an integration with Salesforce that allowed information to be passed back and forth between the two systems on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. But, with requests coming in from clients for real-time synchronization with Salesforce, SimplyCast developed a new integration that makes synchronization happen in real time between the two systems.

This new Salesforce integration offers a lot of benefits for clients that want to connect with contacts in Salesforce as soon as something happens in the SimplyCast system, and vice versa. A real-time integration allows for users to use Salesforce while leveraging the power of SimplyCast's marketing automation platform to offer personalized, automated communications seamlessly.


Offering a white labeled version of the SimplyCast platform has allowed SimplyCast to grow a massive network of resellers. These resellers offer the platform in their own branding to their clients with the support of SimplyCast.

Recently, resellers have been requesting a new payment gateway to offer their clients. With this in mind, SimplyCast added WHMCS as a credit card payment method for our resellers to choose from.


The SimplyCast application for Zapier is a new type of connection for SimplyCast. Essentially, if you have a Zapier account, you can create triggers, called "zaps," between SimplyCast and other systems.

You can make zaps that allow you to trigger actions in other applications through adding a new contact, adding a new list, and adding a new contact to a list. You can also trigger actions in SimplyCast from triggers from other applications. Other apps can trigger the SimplyCast app to do the following actions automatically: create a new contact, create a list, modify a list, add a contact to a list, delete a contact, delete a list, and delete a contact from a list.

Currently, the SimplyCast zap is only available through invitation. You can join the invitation here.

These are only a few of the integrations SimplyCast has with other applications. If you'd like to see if SimplyCast integrates with your systems, check out this list of all available integrations. Also, if your system is not listed, you can still use SimplyCast's open API to connect your system with SimplyCast.

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