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API Integration Details | Salesforce Live Update

The Salesforce Live Update integration gives you all the benefits of the regular Salesforce integration in real time. Synchronizing your Salesforce account with your SimplyCast marketing automation account is the first step to creating more engaging marketing campaigns for each of your customers. Being able to do this in real time promotes immediacy in sales situations and allows you to act fast when a contact interacts with you or is engaged in either system.

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Integration Features

Sync your contact database to and from Salesforce and SimplyCast with bi-directional syncing. Important contact information is updated as often as you choose, so you never have to worry about your information being out of date.

  • Push and pull information between Salesforce and the SimplyCast CRM
  • Automatically update information such as names, phone numbers, addresses, social networking information, and more
  • Create, edit, retrieve, and update contacts on either end

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