Not Just for Emergencies: Business Text Alert System

Not Just for Emergencies: Business Text Alert System

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Text Alert System for Non-Emergency Purposes

I have often seen people cleaning a clogged sink with vinegar and boiling water when there is a specific gel designated to do that specific task. I have also seen some of my friends using cellphones as baby monitors and hanging up a steel-made glass on the doorknob as a security alert!

The bottom line is if you know the core features of anything, you can use it for multiple purposes, which may be different than its intended use.

This theory is also applicable to text alert systems. There is a misconception that emergency text alert services sit idle in the corner (metaphorically) and you won’t even use it until something awful happens. A greater misconception is that businesses spend money in the form of a monthly subscription fee for something that can’t be used for any other purpose.

Well, I beg to differ!

Emergency text alerts, in combination with other emergency management tools, become a vital element for communication with stakeholders during any crisis issue. But in general, it is simply a text notification system!

Do you see where I am going?

Yes, your text alert system or SMS notification system has all the power of an SMS marketing tool, regardless of the core intention of using it. So, why not kill two birds with one stone if you have the perfect shot?

I mean, you still have to use a contact list (preferably imported to the CRM), type in the SMS message, customize it if necessary (using existing tools), and hit the send button. Once you send the message to your contacts, you can track who opened it and who clicked on the links (if you put any).

Therefore, emergency text alerts are only meant for emergencies is a myth. You can use the service for non-emergency purposes as well, including business purposes.

What Else You Can Do?

Among a plethora of options to use the emergency text alert for non-emergency purposes, I have come up with a few innovative ideas based on an imaginary business scenario!

In an alternate universe, John Smith runs a retail store that sells organic soap and other exclusive, natural hygiene products such as creams, lotions, candles, perfumes, and oils. He subscribed to an emergency text alert service thinking of sudden complications. However, one day John finds out that he can also use the emergency text alerts for other purposes as well. So, John came up with a set of innovative ideas!

#1 Inform Hot Product Availability

John finds out that on specific occasions, some of the products are so high in demand that customers often ask about the availability of those products on social media. After finding patterns, John decided to inform the customers about product availability via SMS messages. So as soon as a high demand soap runs out, John sends a text notification to the customers about the out of stock situation and as soon as he replenishes the stock, another message is sent informing of the availability.

#2 Use as a Coupon

As a smart businessman, John knows that loyal customers need to be rewarded. He always keeps track of customers who purchases a lot from his store and lists those who shop for products worth more than $300. At the end of the month, John compiles a list of those customers and sends them a thank you note via text message and also includes a code that can be shown in the store for a 25% discount on their purchases.

#3 Send Instant Offers

Sometimes John needs to clear out items that are occupying too much space on the shelves. So, he creates a list of those items and categorizes them according to the discount rates. Then he sends instant offers to his customers and prospects by informing them about the discounts. So far, every time he sends out texts, he can see a surge in his sales book. Offers are good when they are read by the customers!

#4 Conduct a Short Survey

Like any other businessperson, John too wants to improve the customer service and overall customer experience in the store. In order to do that, John sometimes sends a chain of SMSs to customers to conduct surveys about the performance of salespeople, product quality, and other store features.

#5 Send Wishes

As soon as any new customer purchases for the first time, John notes their date of birth after obtaining their consent. Every month, he updates the list and schedule customized birthday wish to the customers via text messages. Sometimes he also adds coupons as a gift from the store. Good publicity, good business.

Want to Try?

Do you have an emergency text alert system? If the answer is ‘NO’, then here is a blog for you that states the top 5 reasons to have an emergency text alert system!

If your answer is ‘YES’, then it is time to use your emergency text alert service for other purposes as well! After all, it worked for John, right?

Be like John and explore what you can unlock with your emergency text alert service.

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