Use SMS Reseller Programs to Offer More to Your Customers

Use SMS Reseller Programs to Offer More to Your Customers

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SMS reseller programs are one of the hottest marketing topics in the industry right now. Many consumers are over-saturated with emails. Text messages are a great alternative. SMS is quick, convenient and personal. You can easily add SMS capabilities to your current offering.

By joining SMS reseller programs, you can capitalize on the popularity of SMS marketing. If you create your own SMS marketing solution, it will take years of development and tens of thousands of dollars. Choosing to become an SMS reseller allows you to enter the market right now with a fully developed and tested SMS solution.

What does your SMS reseller program offer?

SimplyCast's reseller programs include SMS and over a dozen other marketing tools. You choose which tools you want to resell and you decide what you want to charge your customers to use them. You are in control and you can just sell SMS if you want whether you're a reselling the full platform or just SMS as a Channel Select White-Label Reseller.

If your customers are looking for additional marketing tools such as email, survey, Facebook, Twitter, and contact management, you may choose to resell these tools as well. Offering many marketing automation tools enables you to compete with other resellers and companies that only offer SMS.

Our solution is a white label reseller program, so all tools are under your own brand.

What does your SMS tool offer?

The SimplyCast SMS tool provides simple campaign creation, SMS short codes in Canada, automated personalization, a simple unsubscribe process, a preview function and more.

Our SMS tool provides detailed reports after each SMS marketing campaign is sent out. This enables users to see what worked and what may need improvement, helping them optimize their campaigns in the future.

You can use the SMS tool for your own marketing purposes and also resell it to your customers.

How can the other optional tools included in the reseller program enhance SMS marketing capabilities?

The other marketing tools can be used successfully in conjunction with SMS. Engaging customers on multiple channels increases brand awareness and loyalty. A sample campaign would go like this: Create a simple online signup form. When a subscriber signs up, the form transfers their information to an automatically updated list. The subscriber is added to an SMS marketing list and they can then receive messages on their mobile device.

A fully developed automated marketing and communication flow includes multiple channels. An all-in-one reseller solution enables you to provide all these tools.

What about SMS marketing unsubscribe requirements?

If a subscriber no longer wants to be on the SMS marketing list, they can simply text "STOP" to the SMS number. This simple unsubscribe process ensures that users are compliant with SMS marketing laws and regulations.

Integrated contact management is an invaluable tool because it keeps all relevant information in one easily accessible place. If users are ever called upon to provide proof of opt-in or unsubscribe details, all this information is stored and organized.

Want to learn more about our SMS reseller programs?

Contact our friendly reseller team at to learn how you can resell SimplyCast's marketing automation solution. Or you can call 1-866-323-6572, ext. 1204, and speak to our team.

Our all-in-one solution includes over 20 channels for communication and marketing. It is also easy to use so there's not an insurmountable learning curve for customers. Our team is waiting to answer your questions.

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