Online Form Software: Enhance Your Auto Repair Marketing

Online Form Software: Enhance Your Auto Repair Marketing

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How Online Form Software Can Enhance Your Auto Repair Marketing

One of the key aspects of any auto repair business’s marketing strategy is word of mouth and consistent endorsements from satisfied customers. That being said, this can make it difficult to market your business, especially if you are a small, local auto repair shop.

In order for your auto repair business to continue to grow, you need to come up with new marketing strategies. Every day other automotive companies are thinking of new ways to bring in new customers so it’s your job to stay on top of it as well.

Learning how to efficiently use online form software is something that not a lot of automotive marketers think to take advantage of, but if you learn how to use form software in ways that can help your business, you will see that web forms can be tremendously impactful. In this blog, we will go over just a few ways that you can use web forms to improve your auto repair marketing strategy.

Signup forms for daily tips and tricks

Auto repair marketing can be a tricky field. There are usually two types of clients that you will be dealing with. On one hand, you have people with very minimal car knowledge or people who pretty much just know the basics. On the other hand, you have the car experts who have been interested in the automotive industry their whole life. How do you market to both of these types of people effectively?

Well, one marketing strategy is to create a web form where your clients can sign up to receive daily, weekly, or monthly automated SMS messages or emails. These messages or emails may contain tips and tricks and other things you might think are interesting about the auto repair industry in general.

As previously mentioned, you will have a customer base with a wide variety of knowledge. So, for this strategy, it may be a good idea to include a “basic tips” and “advanced tips” option on your web form.

Reminder forms

Another way you can use online form software is to create signup forms for reminders. Sending automated SMS messages or emails to your automotive clients is a good way to keep them engaged and thinking about your business.

You can use these forms to remind your clients about their upcoming appointments or remind them they may need an oil change sometime soon. It’s suggested that if you use your car often, you should get an oil change about every six months, so you can use online form software to create a system where a client can estimate how many kilometres they will drive in the coming months and then you can send an automated reminder message when the system estimates they may need an oil change.

Offer a referral service

As previously noted, word of mouth is one of the most important aspects in your marketing and business in general. In order to generate more word-of-mouth business, it’s a good idea to provide an incentive for your clients. A referral program is a great way to add an incentive so that when your happy customers recommend your business to someone else, they get something in return. Instead of a new customer just saying “my friend said I should check your shop out”, it would be nice to have a way to track this information.

Online form software is an efficient way to get this done. You just need to create a form where a client can fill out the information of the friend or person that they referred. That way when the new client comes in and tells you that someone referred them, you can look back at your data from the web form and determine the reward to give the original customer.

Does your auto repair business need online form software?

All in all, auto repair marketing is something that not a lot of businesses look into or know how to promote effectively. You can use online form software to take advantage of this and get a leg up on the competition. As an auto repair business, you want to have satisfied customers because those customers will turn into loyal clients. Using signup forms and offering a referral service are both good ways to gain new customers. After that, it’s up to you to make sure they are satisfied with your service!

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