How to Optimize Promotional Codes in Email Marketing Campaigns

How to Optimize Promotional Codes in Email Marketing Campaigns

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Promotional codes are a quintessential email marketing tactic. It drives click-throughs and opens, as well as sales.

These codes are the modern day equivalent of clipping coupons: everyone loves a deal.

So, here are some tips to ensure that by including promotional codes in your emails, you'll be successful and take your email marketing campaign to an entirely different level.

1. Include promotional codes in every email

More often than not, your customers are checking out Google for promotional codes for your products every time the mood strikes them to buy something from you. Why not offer some goodwill and provide them directly?

Promotional codes drive opens and click-throughs. If your code is amazing, then its worth your customers time to take a peek around your website to see if any of your products strike their fancy.

And, for those customers that will buy from you regardless of whether you're offering a code or not, you're reassuring them that their business is valuable.

2. Place your promotional codes in the subject line

Want to drive more sales and opens? Include your promotional code within your subject line alongside your call-to-action, like "New Arrivals! Enter SHIPPING10 for 10% of Shipping."

Two major things result from this little action: one, your subscribers will cash in your deal regardless of whether they open your email or not; and two, if you offer a simple and easy way for them to knock a couple of bucks off their next online purchase, customer are more likely to spend more than without a promotional code.

Lure your customers in!

3. Make promotional codes easy to remember and use

Even with the best intentions, some email marketers make a mess of their promotional codes, creating them out of a jumble of numbers and letters, like "FGTE34532E." What is that? How in the world do you expect your customers to remember that or even be inclined to use it?

By ensuring that your code is easy to remember and use, makes it more relevant and enticing to your customer.

For example WELCOME10 and yes this code is real. Save 10% when you buy any package on SimplyCast. Just our way to help you get started.


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