Peace with a Secured Faxing Solution for Pharmacies

Peace with a Secured Faxing Solution for Pharmacies

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Secured Faxing Solution for Pharmacies

Faxing documents is still a mainstay in many industries, including the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacies use fax communication to communicate with doctors’ offices regarding patient prescriptions and, perhaps more often, to send requisitions for additional supplies. Pharmacies may have multiple suppliers that they reach out to regularly and doing this through the typical facing process can put a strain on resources, who have to stand by the fax machine feeding paper through it for each individual supplier request.

Automating the faxing process for pharmacies can save a lot of time in the long run, and it even eliminates the need for a physical fax machine taking up space.

Digital faxing through a computer is a simple way to send a fax message to all suppliers at once quickly, automatically, and securely with the ability to attach any required documents and include a personalized cover page for each supplier.

There are four pieces to the automated secured faxing solution.

1. Building Your Supplier Database

Before you can start using a digital faxing solution to send requisitions to suppliers, you first need a list of suppliers to send to. The secured faxing solution includes a secure, online database that can store all your supplier information in an organized way.

If you are already managing your supplier list using a spreadsheet, you can easily import the spreadsheet into the database. This information can be updated in real time whenever there is a change to your suppliers. When sending automated fax messages, the faxing solution pulls data from this database to personalize your fax message, so it is crucial that this database remains accurate and up to date.

2. Creating a Personalized Fax Cover Page

The secured faxing solution allows you to create a cover page template to use when sending your fax messages to your pharmacy suppliers. This template can leverage some personalization elements such as merge tags which will automatically pull the relevant information for each supplier when the fax is sent, ensuring that suppliers know that the fax is meant for them.

The cover page template may also include any confidentiality policies pertaining to any potentially sensitive information included in the body of the fax message.

3. Crafting Your Personalized Fax Message

Once you have your cover page set up and ready to go, you can begin building your customizable fax message templates that you can use as a starting point each time you create a new fax message. Your fax templates and messages can contain the same personalization elements as your cover letter to help save time when sending the message to multiple different suppliers at once.

The secured fax solution allows you to build out your fax messages using standard text editor styling and formatting options such as bolding, italicizing, images, etc. The solution also gives you the ability to attach PDF files to your fax so you can send additional information to your supplier as needed.

4. Sending and Tracking Your Faxes

The beauty of an automated and secure digital fax solution is that you can send to multiple contacts all at once from a computer, rather than sending the same fax to each supplier individually. The solution takes care of the sending automatically and you can schedule your fax campaigns to be sent whenever you need to instead of having to send it immediately.

With the solution, each time you send a new fax message to your suppliers, a report will automatically be generated that will provide you with valuable information regarding the send. The information included in the report can include the number of suppliers who received the fax, as well as any errors that may have occurred when trying to send to specific recipients. This way, you can be sure that your fax messages have been received and in the event of an error, you will know that you must reach out to that recipient via another communication method.


Ready to use a secured faxing solution?

Is your pharmacy looking for a way to digitize and streamline your faxing processes? Well, look no further.

SimplyCast is an ISO 27001-certified company who has developed a safe and secure faxing solution that can be used for any organization. Our solution provides pharmacies with an online contact database and a fax broadcasting tool that are interconnected and allow for a seamless and secure faxing experience that saves your pharmacy both time and resources when sending our supplier requests.

Click the button below to request a one-on-one demo of our secured faxing solution today and see how your pharmacy can benefit from digitizing the faxing process!

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