Effectively Promote Your Sports Facility on Social Media

Effectively Promote Your Sports Facility on Social Media

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Promote Your Sports Facility

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting your sports facility. With so many people using social media, by creating accounts for your facility you can access a large audience. Engage this audience by showing how they can benefit from and enjoy your facility. Here are three great ways to use social media to showcase your sports facility.

Provide helpful tips and tricks

If your social media accounts are nothing but marketing, users will stop visiting your profiles. Create repeat visitors by providing them with informative content such as fitness tips, instructional videos, and other content related to your facility. This type of 'soft marketing' will show users that you are knowledgeable about sports and fitness. This makes users more apt to trust your opinions and approach you for advice.

Have exclusive promotions

By having exclusive promotions on your social media accounts you will make users feel like VIPs. Everyone likes to feel like they have scored a deal. Use your social media accounts to take advantage of this feeling. Make your promotions engaging by including photos. Posts like "Share a photo of your favorite sport and get 20% off a session of your choice!" will boost user engagement and make your page more interesting.

Host social media contests

Social media contests are a great way to engage your users and have them returning to your page to check the status of the contest. Trivia is a great way to engage your users in an ongoing contest. For example, you could have a relevant weekly trivia question posted on your social media accounts. The first user to answer correctly would be entered into a draw for a free membership or prize package. Have this contest repeat for several weeks and see users come back time and time again for their chance to win.

Do it all with social media automation

Posting all of this on social media can be time consuming. Our social media apps can help you automate the process and give you a strong, engaging and consistent social media presence. Check out our Facebook app and see how social media automation can help your sports facility!

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