How an Automated Property Listing Management Solution Works

How an Automated Property Listing Management Solution Works

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Automated Property Listing Management Solution

Real estate agencies employ a number of agents that are each responsible for a portfolio of properties that they must sell on behalf of their clients. Agencies need a way to streamline the process for agents to claim new listings for their portfolios once they become available – a way that is both fair and on a first come, first serve basis.

The property listing management process for real estate agencies can be simplified with help from a digital solution, which can assist with recording new property listings and ensuring that agents are able to claim these listings easily.

A digital real estate listing management solution can greatly reduce the risk of errors in the process, as well as ensuring that agents are not granted preferential treatment with respect to newly listed properties. The automated property listing management system combines contact management, alerting, and asset management tools to create a solution that facilitates the management of all real estate properties an agency has in its portfolio!

There are four parts to an automated property listing management solution.

1. Create a Realtor Database

The first part of automating the property listing management process is consolidating the contact information for all your real estate agents into a central contact database. In your contact database, you will need to make sure you are storing all the important information you need for each agent, such as their names, their contact information, and any other relevant piece of information you need. This information will help you down the line when you are setting up your new listing notification template.

2. List Your Properties

Now that you have your realtor database in place, you can begin adding listings to the automated property listing management solution. All you need to do is locate the address of the property in the solution’s built-in map and create a new record at that location using a pre-created listing template.

Simply fill in all the details for the listing and finish creating the record. You are able to change the map icon for each listing depending on the type of property it is or any other type of filtering you wish to apply to the map. This allows you and your agents to easily be able to differentiate the properties that are on the map.

3. Send Property Alerts

Once a new property has been listed in the solution, the digital real estate listing service will automatically send a notification to all of your agents. The only thing agencies need to do for this part of the process is to create a notification template when first setting up the property listing management solution.

Within the solution, you can easily personalize your automated notifications. Personalization can be built into your notification templates using merge tags. Merge tags are essentially placeholder text that will automatically pull your agents’ relevant information when the listing notifications are sent. This is why it is a good idea to collect and store as much information on your real estate agents in the system as possible.  

4. Analyze Reports

After each property listing notification is sent, the automated solution will generate a report which will provide you with important details and information, such as the open rate, click-through rate, and information regarding which real estate agent claimed the property.

These notification reports will help you gauge the effectiveness of your notifications and will provide you with valuable insights into which parts of the notification you may need to optimize to achieve a higher engagement rate.

Interested in an automated property listing management solution?

If your real estate agency is looking to add automation to your real estate listing management process, SimplyCast has used its all-in-one engagement automation platform to build an all-in-one solution using our contact management and asset management tools, that can be used by any agency. The safe and secure solution can be customized to meet the requirements of each real estate agency in order to provide the most effective property listing management solution possible.

Click the button below to request a one-on-one demo from our team to see how you can use SimplyCast’s property listing management solution!

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