SimplyCast's Agent and White Label Reseller Programs

SimplyCast's Agent and White Label Reseller Programs

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Agent & White Label

SimplyCast offers two different ways to offer your clients and potential clients marketing automation: White Label Reseller and Agent. The big question is: what is the difference, and, which one is better for you? Before we address these questions, first we must understand what SimplyCast is and what it offers.

What is SimplyCast? is a leading provider of interactive and multi-channel communication software for organizations worldwide. The company's 360 Customer Flow Communication Platform is a feature-rich solution combining marketing automation, inbound marketing, and interactive communication. With customers in over 175 countries, including many of the most recognized brand names around the globe in retail, non-profit and hospitality industries, SimplyCast provides organizations with the ability to effectively reach customers on their preferred mode of communication.

SimplyCast leverages its technology to help organizations solve their internal and external communication needs. From lead nurturing campaigns, drip campaigns, and event planning, to SMS reminders, fax promotions, and more, SimplyCast found the communication problems most organizations were facing and solved them with its unique, scalable, and diverse platform.

What is SimplyCast's Agent program?

The Agent program is your chance to represent SimplyCast by selling SimplyCast-branded products. Doing this allows you to offer marketing automation under the trusted banner of SimplyCast while you earn commission on your sales for up to two years. Essentially, you can take the SimplyCast platform and offer it to your clients. Once they are interested, SimplyCast will handle all the onboarding, support, and account management so all you need to do is close the sale. With Agent, you have access to sales material and our onboarding team to help you get familiar with the system.

What is SimplyCast's White Label Reseller program?

The White Label Reseller program allows you to take the entirety of SimplyCast 360, the marketing and communication automation platform, and rebrand the platform to match your branding and company. You can then take your rebranded platform and offer it to your clients as your own. Essentially, you can sell SimplyCast products under your brand, adding value to your company. With reseller, you create your own pricing, margins, and earn commissions for life all while having full access to marketing and sales materials, live training, and ongoing platform upgrades. White Label Reseller also gives you access to our Hands-Free service to help manage your own campaigns and campaigns for your clients.

What is the difference?

The biggest difference between Agent and White Label Reseller is that under Agent, you sell SimplyCast-branded products whereas under White Label Reseller, you sell products branded as yours. The Agent option is well-suited to individuals or small companies that would like to take advantage of offering a platform under the known brand of SimplyCast. White Label Reseller tends to attract larger companies with a strongly established client base with a strong trust in the brand.

The other difference is in the compensation structure. White Label Reseller allows you to essentially create your own profit margins by choosing your own pricing structure and making profits off of it for life. Agent allows you to use SimplyCast's existing pricing and make commission off of those prices for two years.

Which one is best for me?

Before you decide if Agent or White Label Reseller is better for you, it is important to assess which one is best suited to meet your needs. With Agent, you don't need to worry about onboarding, support, and account management for the clients you bring on board — SimplyCast takes care of all that as soon as the deal closes. But, if you have an established brand with a base of clients that trust you and would want you to provide support for the platform, White Label Reseller would allow you to do that.

Where can I learn more?

You can learn more about the agency program by emailing and more about White Label Reseller by emailing

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