Send A Mass Text: How to Better Connect with Gym Members

Send A Mass Text: How to Better Connect with Gym Members

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Sending A Mass Text: 5 Ways to Better Connect with Gym Members

As a gym, connecting strongly to your members is the best way to ensure their loyalty and that they keep coming back. Members like to know that the gym they are going to is just as invested in their fitness journey as they are themselves. Being a gym, you want to make sure that your members are feeling this way and that you are there to support them.

How can sending a mass text message help with that? There are many ways you can use text messages to better connect with customers, but we will go over five of them to help get you started. Using SMS messages is one of the best ways to connect to people and get information effectively to them. It has one of the highest open rates along with ROI. Without SMS messaging, you miss out on being able to connect on a more direct and personal level. Going straight to a customer's phone is a great way to secure them as loyal members.

1. Text About Sales or Promotions

People are always interested in when something goes on sale or there is a promotion. For example, if they sign up for a year, they will get the first month free. Or if they are new to the gym and purchase a membership, they also get a free gym bag. Sending a mass text is the perfect way to inform multiple people about such a thing. Being an immediate and effective form of communication, you can always make sure that people know there is a big sale or promotion going on. Making people feel that they are important as you are sending information about sales or promotions directly to them, helps you build those stronger relationships.

2. Message About Changes in Open or Closing Times

Nobody wants to arrive at a gym only to find that they arrived too early due to a change in opening times, or leave early to only find out later that they could have stayed an extra hour. Make sure that gym members are in the know when it comes to a change in the open or closing times of your gym with a single text. Changing the time on the website may only be seen by a few people as some may not always check the website. With a simple text message you can ensure recipients are informed, as the majority of people have a phone on their person and are more likely to check it, helping you better connect to them.

3. Inform People About Classes or Sports Being Offered

If you are offering classes such as a spin or yoga class, or are holding a basketball game, it is always a good idea to remind people that these events are being offered. There’s nothing like a good reminder text to help jog people's memories or to even inform those who may have missed hearing about it elsewhere. This shows that you are making sure your members are aware of what you are offering them that can add to their gym experience.

4. Make Their Experience More Personalized

When it comes to marketing, make your gym ad or campaigns more personalized to each recipient will increase engagement rates. The same thing applies to when sending a text message. Sending a bland text message that does not really apply to anyone will make them less likely to act on it. Whereas, with a personalized message they will feel that you are thinking of them and are more likely to act. You can send people more personalized information about certain classes that they might like or other things such as workout tips, diet or nutrition advice, and even wishing them a happy birthday. Having more personalized texts will ensure stronger connections and lead to greater relationships with your members.

5. Reminders for Membership Renewals

Informing people about an upcoming renewal of their membership is a great way to ensure they stick with you as a member. No one wants to forget to renew their membership and show up to the gym empty-handed. Show people that you are interested in them and help make sure they are on top of things when it comes to their memberships and that you value them as a client. Texting these reminders is a great way to keep in touch with them and updating them when the time comes to renew.

Staying connected to your members and ensuring that they feel valued is the best way to grow your gym and have overall success. Not maintaining connections with your members can make it hard for you to grow and in turn can lead to more of your clients switching to other gyms.

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