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Sign Up for Our Free Webinar on the New Contact Manager

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Imagine the contact management and lead nurturing software solution you have always wanted. What would you like to be able to do with it? Create customizable sales pipelines, manage contacts automatically, nurture new leads who have just entered your pipeline, move leads and contact leads manually and automatically, have information automatically updated and scored?

These are some of the most commonly requested features from our customers. Using the newly optimized and more powerful Contact Manager, you now have the ability to do all these tasks and many more. Effective lead nurturing and contact management is essential to keep your sales cycle progressing successfully.

Sign up for the free interactive Contact Manager Webinar. Webinars take place daily, and are hosted by our Customer Experience Manager Jonathan LeBlanc. Jonathan has been with us for years and will guide you through the Contact Manager's features and functionality in detail. He loves to hear your questions and feedback! Let's take some questions from our customers.

Can I score leads?

Yes, you can score and rate leads in order to keep track of who is hot. Rate a lead as hot or not, and assign them a score based on their level of engagement. Leads also receive a separate score automatically based on their interaction with your messages. This score is updated based on new incoming information. Lead nurturing has never been simpler with our easy to use software.

Can I manually add additional information to a contact's profile?

Absolutely. You can add information for a contact and add tags and notes that will appear for that contact.

Can I manually move contacts to a different pipeline stage?

Yes, you can easily move contacts from one pipeline stage to another or remove them. Otherwise, contacts are moved automatically based on their actions and the messages you send them. Our software assists you with your lead nurturing process.

If I am using SimplyCast 360 and I manually add a contact to one of my pipeline stages, will they automatically start receiving the emails or messages that are associated with that stage?

Yes. If a contact is not currently in your sales pipeline but you have made a connection with them you can add them into any stage of your pipeline. Once they are in the pipeline, they will start receiving personalized marketing messages automatically from your SimplyCast 360 lead nurturing campaigns.

Does the Contact Manager integrate with third party CRMs?

Yes, if you store your important data elsewhere you can easily access it through the Contact Manager. SimplyCast's customizable plugin manager enables you to integrate whichever CRM solution you use.

Can I receive alerts whenever a contact takes a specific action (such as opens an email or signs up using my form)?

Yes, you can set up custom alerts for any action you want.

How much does it cost to use the Contact Manager?

The Contact Manager is free to use. SimplyCast 360 pricing is based on your own unique marketing needs.

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