SimplyCast Highlight: Fax Marketing

SimplyCast Highlight: Fax Marketing

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Fax Marketing

Contrary to popular belief fax marketing is not dead.

In truth, it is one of the few remaining secure ways to send sensitive documents and reach contacts that can't rely entirely on the internet due to low connections or distance.

Whether you're transmitting sensitive documentation or sending mass communications, fax marketing can create efficiency in your office.

Unlike traditional faxing where you are required to use a machine to input the number, change out paper and journey across the office, you can use SimplyCast's fax marketing tool do it all digitally (without leaving your seat!).

If you've got a file that you wish to send, simply upload the PDF and drag it into the send board where you can organize in what order the files are sent. From there, automatically generate a cover letter that you only need to add information into. If you don't have a PDF to upload, create the message you wish to send in the app's HTML editor while adding in images such as a logo to keep your branding consistent. All files uploaded and created are stored within the app, so resending or having templates ready is a breeze.

When you're ready to send, upload the contact list and add in a TSID (transmitting subscriber identification), and a number of times the fax can retry to send should the line be busy. You can choose to either send immediately at a scheduled time, ensuring that all send messages are received within business hours. Finally, when you hit send you will only be charged with faxes that are successfully delivered.

It's simply, quick, and will save you time waiting by the fax machine.

If you're considering trying fax marketing, or if you want to see how SimplyCast can improve your organization, try a free 14-day trial and discover what our solutions can do for you and your clients!

Looking to employ this service but unsure if you'll have the content creation resources? You can have a dedicated SimplyCast employee who can create and manage your campaigns. Learn more about our Hands-Free program where you reap all the benefits with none of the hassle.

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