The SimplyCast Story 10: Why Launch Services Separately

The SimplyCast Story 10: Why Launch Services Separately

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The SimplyCast Story

It is easy now to look at the SimplyCast platform and see it as a complete solution. Each separate application can be used on its own, yet you can also use all the tools for an integrated multi-channel campaign using SimplyCast 360. But that was not always the case.

We started out, in 2009, with just email. The first application was soon followed by the launch of survey, event, autoresponder and so on. In fact, we did not announce the launch of SimplyCast 360 until June 2013! So... why?

We set out with the goal of building the world's first Platform-as-a-Service solution. We wanted to lay down a strong framework that would allow our developers to efficiently build on it. We were creating the blocks that would enable our team to construct a strong wall and continue adding on to it.

It was also essential to be able to launch new products quickly, as the market demanded. Customers should not have to wait around for a highly anticipated service. Our solid framework made it possible to grow and scale successfully. This means that our team can not only work very quickly, but they can also be confident that each new tool they implement will function well.

From the beginning, we wanted to fund SimplyCast organically. Being able to sell each service separately made it possible for us to acquire many more customers, based on what each customer needed. The fully integrated SimplyCast 360 platform was always the end goal, yet offering individual tools allowed us to reach a wider market.

Launching each service separately also provided us with the opportunity to compete with other best of breed technologies, and match and exceed their capabilities. Before we release each new tool, we want to make sure that it is one of the best tools out there for that purpose. We are dedicated to creating a customer-focused solution, so we ask our customers what type of functionality and features they need, and we develop the tool completely. After it is launched, we continually test and optimize it. Each of our tools can compete with the best because we focus on quality and relevance.

Our latest launch is a new Contact Manager, which helps sales staff shorten their sales cycle. The powerful Contact Manager enables users to nurture, track, score and manage leads in their sales pipelines. Move your leads through the sales process easily and efficiently. Even track anonymous leads. As our customers' needs continue to develop, we will be launching even more new tools in the future. Stay tuned!

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