The SimplyCast Story 25: Succeed in a Risk Averse Climate

The SimplyCast Story 25: Succeed in a Risk Averse Climate

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The SimplyCast Story

SimplyCast is a proud Canadian company, with its headquarters located in Nova Scotia. That's right... in addition to delicious seafood and breathtaking natural beauty, Nova Scotia also has a diverse and unique technology community! But it wasn't always this way.

When SimplyCast was first starting to do business and gain new customers, we chose to go international first. Why not do business in Canada right away? It was the early days and many potential Canadian customers we initially approached were risk averse. They were not comfortable signing up with a new and unproven company and very new technology.

Historically, Canadians are known for being practical and cautious. There have been many Canadian inventions and pioneering Canadian technologies, yet getting large and small Canadian businesses to adopt these new technologies is often challenging.

So we went international and started to get recognized. We began to sign on customers from different industries around the world. As we gained a large American and international customer base, our software started getting solid reviews and press coverage. Then came the Canadian awards and accolades. In 2012, SimplyCast rolled out our Canadian Data Centre.

Canadian businesses began to try our software... and they liked it! By the end of April 2013, our company had customers in every province. Now SimplyCast has a strong, loyal customer base in Canada and around the world.

Our advice to companies is to go international. Don't just limit your marketing and lead generation to your own country. Search for customers all over the world. Also, accept multiple currencies. In the beginning, we limited our appeal by only accepting US currency. This is one of the reasons Canadian companies were slow to adopt. We began to accept multiple currencies soon enough.

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