SimplyCast Story 20: First Big Customer of Local Startups

SimplyCast Story 20: First Big Customer of Local Startups

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One of the most significant challenges any new business faces is acquiring that first major customer. How do you show that your business is legitimate without reference customers who can provide testimonials and spread the word? It is a Catch 22: you can't gain big customers without first gaining big customers.

Here at SimplyCast, we know how difficult it is to get that first influential customer to sign. In our early years of growth, our marketing automation solution was attracting attention and we were beginning to receive more calls.

Early on, one of the major credit card companies contacted us and was interested in using our solution. They, of course, asked for our reference customers. We unfortunately had none. SimplyCast lost a potential major customer because we could not provide any examples of other significant customers that we had signed.

We have a history of supporting local startup businesses. These startups often do not have the resources or the testimonials to sign big customers. SimplyCast acts as a reference customer for these businesses and provides testing and feedback. Once one well-known customer signs up, many more customers will follow.

Being a company's first big customer infinitely benefits the company. The customer tests the technology in ways that smaller customers cannot. Is the technology fast enough to handle large functions being carried out? Is it powerful enough to handle huge amounts of data? Is it sophisticated enough to function the way a large customer needs? The feedback the customer provides helps the startup company optimize their tools and add new important features.

Acting as the first test customer is not just helpful to the startup business, however. It is also great for the big customer. Signing up to use a smaller company's technology may mean a reduction in cost, more comprehensive customer service, and gaining access to new state-of-the-art tools.

Supporting local startups also benefits the local economy. By using solutions that are close to home, you keep sustainable revenue in the community and build trusting relationships that last.

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